Heart-Bypass to Crotch

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Heart-Bypass to Crotch

May 27, 2012
Greed skips the stop-by into the heart, and creates a highway from the brain to the groin. No time for reason when the animal appetites overwhelm it as the heart is also ignored. Such is the history of man on the planet. Gimme, gimme, gimme! Take, take, take. The western world, in particular, is run on greed at this time. Lusting for more and more including sexual wants consuming the majority of men, many who take to the internet to find sexual gratification. Married men generally lie to their wives about their lusty thoughts and/or behaviors that they discretely hide.

I have a dear friend who for a year was a high paid escort. As a very curious guy, I always asked questions, particularly about any background information on the participants. Always the men seemed nice but needy. The majority were married (many Jewish), and I often had her try to find out if their wives knew. Rarely was it not ‘secret’, although one husband brought his wife to join in which I thought was VERY healthy and open minded! Actually, I agree that it is a wonderful service, but with a lot of ‘buts’, including the legal aspects, and lack of communication transparency with a wife.

Money buys ‘love for the crotch’, and that is in its shallowest form. Staying in the head and genitals, at best, you can go through life, even being successful in something, but never with another, or knowing yourself. Life is best when the heart and mind are alive, and aware in clarity. There is a road before you to resolve the impediments to a successful inner life. Seek the opportunity to be a dark horse moving out of the crowds of apathetic masses. Practice being more aware of everything, and seek out meditation techniques to raise both that awareness and inner intelligence.

Sex is sacred and divine when the heart is involved. It is the energy of life, and is the most mysterious, greatest force of all. Approaching sex with another should engender a sense of thankfulness and compassion for the participant. Sex in its highest form is a doorway to the deepest, most profound, and everlasting love. It can be the highest form of meditation that clears the thoughts while opening the eyes of consciousness. Indulging the sense when from the heart is an escape from the mundane to the highest levels of being. If sex can be thought of as ‘coal’, the day can come when it becomes a ‘diamond’.

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