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Parachute Mind

May 21, 2012
Some things in life are free! An open mind is one of those, but few are willing to take the time and effort. The mind is like a ‘roman candle’, or a parachute. Like a parachute the mind that opens allows you to see far and wide. When you put up a stop sign, the mind shuts, and the parachute leaves you as a ‘roman candle’, going nowhere but down. Life is best lived as a ‘go’ sign where you are always open and learning as you pass the ‘caution sign’ to keep you on the path. Each moment is a challenge, but usually one in which we need not be alert.

The alert, aware mind is always open to challenges and opportunities that move you beyond the repetitions that carve a deep rut in the life that becomes a mere existence until death. Being ‘open’ is an art as is living. Living is being with both your inner self, and with others. Life is a canvas of opportunities with you as the artist or creator. Life begins as a blank slate for you to make choices on how to fill in the empty parts, and yet with the ability to erase those which block your artistic creation of ‘my life’.

Each has been given a gift. A gift of life! The question then arises, ‘What am I expected to do with this gift’. Some apparently, according to their behaviors, don’t want the gift.
Many don’t want to pass on, or even acknowledge that the gift has within it many small gift that when nurtured and payed attention to grow, may be used to benefit others, and help them to use their own gifts more. Be open to give and receive from wherever a gift might come from.

Each person meeting you comes bearing gifts that require you to be open to ‘receive’ to complete the ‘resonance’, or a circle of opportunity or love. Reach in, and also reach out with openness. Start slowly, watching each moment be it memories, your breathing, your thoughts, your actions, your silence, and see the opening of a new awareness to everything presented. Awareness breeds discernment opening a higher intelligence, and a love of the gifts of life. Life is to be learned as an art, both cautiously, and deliberately. See it as a mirror of happening for the choices you make. Walk with an open mind and heart to a higher consciousness. Let go, and be that higher consciousness.

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