Mormon Zombies

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Mormon Zombies

May 20, 2012
Ever look into the eyes of the interbred mormons? Helloooooooooooo? Is anyone home? Most have no idea what this pseudo Christian ‘knockoff’ plagiarized, and altered cult is except for hearing of men with many wives. This is the ‘cult of cults’ where a good percentage of these sheeple have no idea why they are ‘sheeple of their Angel Moroni, who they revere. Perhaps it was their founder Joseph Smith who was was killed by an angry mob at 39 years old. Or maybe, it was Brigham Young who was part of a group of Mormons who attacked, and killed settlers on their Oregon trail journey who figured the name to be a joke.

Maybe L. Ron Hubbard of Scientology fame, got some ideas from Mormonism arising out of no where. Muhammad of Islam fame,  purportedly inspired scribes also to copy major pieces of the bible, but also had a thing for perverted sex like the Mormons centuries later. In each of these ‘cults’, it’s about putting on a good face mask, and playing ‘follow the leader’ – ummm, at least what  the ‘he’ wants you to know! Behind the charade, the manipulator, dominators, and controllers saving you from eternal Hell, live in a ‘pandora’s box of folly and lust.

I spoke with three friends this past week who’ve lived in Salt Lake City (home base of the Mormons) in the past decade. They each agreed that the ‘many wives’, or polygamy  style was very much alive, but kept quiet, particularly on the way to the ski resort of Park City where at night many Mormons could be seen getting drunk (perhaps the ones with no female partner). Debauchery is not just a word used for non mormons but is alive and well, or in repressed dreams of imaginations, with this closely knit incestuous  group.

They have 75 temples and growing in the US. No one is allowed in those temples of ‘Latter Day Saints of Jesus’ even if was Jesus unless they are a Mormon in good standing. Those not in good standing can go into the lesser ‘wards’ churches. Gays? Forget it – go somewhere else!

The females have no mind of their own, and yet the men have it special, enjoying prostitutes, escorts, multiple wive and who knows what else?

Single man and not Mormon in Utah? Better off going to a Catholic Convent?  They appear obsessive compulsive with money, and BIG families. In fact, the lowest average age of citizens in all 50 states is in Utah – lots of babies, like the Catholics and Muslims to increase their power in the world. Children are known to be on more Ritalin than anywhere else. Highest use of antidepressants, too in the country! Meditation and yoga are scorned. ‘God’ (wardens of the church) is everywhere and watching you in Utah!

Nothing like being open, free, and loving when and where you want, but not in Utah if you want to be ‘in good standing’. AND, THERE’S A LOT MORE! A Mormon President would benefit these closet, guilt ridden zombie drones! Time to take part in being informed about who’s controlling your life!

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