Evil of Priests & Rabbis

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Evil of Priests & Rabbis

May 15, 2012
‘Do gooders’ always need to be examined from hiding in the closet or being a fly on the wall to see the whole picture of who they are. However, that won’t often be enough! After years of watching their techniques and moves (and that goes for all the ‘holy men’ and salesmen of religion), I’ve come to see what it is about them that seems to mesmerize billions of all ‘faiths’. It is their innate ability to manipulate, dominate, and control by use of the scriptures they espouse. And, no, it’s not just that, but a not so common aspect of their being that is the secret.

Priest’s, Rabbi’s, Imam’s, and religion salesmen of any faith, generally are regarded as intelligent. I take umbrage with that. High intellect is only a part of intelligence which doesn’t  consider other characteristics, beginning with ‘emotionally balanced’, or open minded, or compassionate, or respectful, or with great empathy, trustworthiness, and so forth. One unique quality that I seem to notice as a secret weapon(?) to controlling of others is an ‘eidetic memory’. An eidetic memory is a near ‘total recall’ of detailed and visual  images, or in this case, ‘scripture’ that these folks use in ways that offer up a certain paralysis to the ‘listener’ who is not very able to question or refute things being ‘parroted’ and with ‘authority’.

‘Copy and paste’ is a term used with computers to, in essence, transfer an image from one source to your email. This same type of technique, unconscious to the user usually, can be instrumental in having a power over others stymying their thinking, and ability to counter with good common sense. In a way, it’s a form of papal psychological bullying. I know this from experiences with an ex movie mogul, who actually was part of producing the well known movie, ‘Total Recall’. He, himself has it, and is a wizard at telling you about all the major spiritual adepts of the last century, and what ‘everything’ means spiritually. Personally, he was far from walking his talk of being spiritual and loving. His method was to overpower you with information he automatically remembered.

This type of person gets a sense of ‘entitlement’ of knowledge from god (which of course is baloney). Even normal intelligent people are overwhelmed, and possibly conditioned by this ability in the hands of a clever manipulator to boost his personal esteem. You, in your positivity, awareness, and innocent love from your heart are infinitely more evolved and qualified than these ‘holy shysters’ who are like this ‘movie mogul’. They are known to help many, but often after they’ve been a part of creating a problem-reaction-solution scenario where you ultimately need them with their knowledge and connection to ‘god’. Stick to an evolving consciousness within you!

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.  -Buddha

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