Trust Deception

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Trust Deception


May 13, 2012
Better to trust the ‘deceiver’ than the nice person who you haven’t vetted! Trust yourself, and if not, why trust anyone? Trust isn’t infallible, but more than likely, or with extreme high probability. To trust that nightfall will come is quite unnecessary. Trust that’s real means there is some minuscule possibility of being ‘deceptive’ or unreliable, and not necessarily for ‘ill reasons’. Trust the negative to be negative. Always seek to verify and know. Don’t trust love if you have some doubt, or at least keep your eyes open. Know that when real love is there, that it’s like ‘air’ – it’ll be there without wondering, and needing to trust.

Deception comes cloaked under many disguises that the ‘deceptor’ is quick to deny, not realizing that denying is a deception. Omission,  causing distraction, false forgetting, rudeness, feigning action as a coverup, avoiding interaction, loving another as long as things go as you would like them, false committing, lying, on and on. Truth and love have nothing to do with deception, but pseudo love and truth have gone endlessly viral around the world in the game of deception. It seems reasonable for everyone to set themselves up in their life as a standard for everyone to see as an example to emulate.

Some of the great ‘deceptors’ besides car salesmen, and husbands or wives, are politicians, religious leaders, Wall st., gambling establishments, educational systems, lawyers, legal courts, crooks, and cons, the list is infinite. But the greatest deceptor in the world, is someone very close and trusted – YOU! Who doesn’t deceive themselves, be it wishful thinking, fantasies, greed, oversight, and all lack of awareness, and discernment of better more practical, higher choices that have no self deception in them? You are the source of most deception by a myriad of heart and mind interferences with ‘clear thinking’.

Trust when you trust yourself, and are in ‘real love’ with someone, is not a factor anymore that trusting the stars and moon. Deep love cancels the need to trust another. Naivete without self love or awareness and a deep bonding with another (even a mother or father) is never the best use of wisdom. Life is a learning experience, and when, who, what, where, and how to trust are part of that process. Trust is to be 99% or more sure, but with awareness. A parked car in your garage at home requires a very different ‘trust’ that passing cars on a freeway. One you can likely trust with awareness, the other really needs none for being hit. Real love and truth cancels the need to trust.

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