Elevator to Consciousness

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Elevator to Consciousness


May 10, 2012
If your ‘elevator’ to higher thinking is ‘stuck’, push the ‘red emergency button’. If you don’t have an elevator, but just a shovel to scoop out the unwanted material, and beliefs from a hole in life you seem to have found yourself in, do this: Don’t throw the dirt out of the ‘life’s hole’ but take some from the edges, and scoop it under your feet until out of the hole into the light. It’s not ‘past centuries’ anymore, there are elevators to greater learning of what’s going on now, and what you were misinformed about in the past that put you into that hole.

There are two main elevators to the top of consciousness, anything further, you’ll have to wait to leave the body. One is meditation, the other is love. Both look easy enough, but nothing could be further from the truth, and ironically they both are much easier than the alternative of the ‘material world’ which doesn’t go anywhere and constantly needs to be ‘refilled’. Nothing wrong with the material, but it doesn’t bring inner quality, and thinking you can do both is erroneous justification. I know, I tried it! Chasing the material provides certain false comforts that are addictive enough to give the spiritual and conscious very little attention.

Everybody is running from themselves looking for ways to get the approval of others, and money/material creates that illusion. Running after money is really running away from yourself. People are not really running for money, but running FROM themselves, even though it’s impossible. You have to get closer to yourself. Running from yourself is to add many different masks to get approval from others while ignoring inner weaknesses. People are in a hurry in pursuit of ‘things’. Doing ‘free speech displays’ I watch in amusement how people avoid my conscious writings. Always it’s fear – fear that  they might see something about themselves that they would rather not.

Seems everyone is pushing to eat healthy, exercise, have goals, and have a good attitude. All are on the right track, but don’t pay much attention to the inner knowing and loving of the self. Elevating to higher consciousness is facilitated by lightening the load, or letting go of what’s in the unconscious keeping awareness and love from rising. There is a current physical obesity problem. however there is also an overweight problem of too much fear, self doubts, false ego, stress, anxieties, and negatives that weigh one down from leading a positive, joyful life. Find and use meditation techniques to open up the chest of love, and the elevation of consciousness will levitate your being higher and higher.

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