Scriptures are Meaningless

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Scriptures are Meaningless


May 7, 2012
The quality of your life has ‘nothing’ to do with your ability to quote scriptures, yet there’s a lot of that going on out there! If you think the Christian parrots are bad, I have another religion (ideology) in mind that produces parrots by the hundreds of millions! Interesting that one religion slobbers over their quotes but ignores, and covertly is appalled at the idea of another’s scriptures. (Take a break here and laugh). You cannot talk freely about life with one who quotes scriptures, and that’s my 100% experience. Even that statement for ‘them’ brings up the need to begin quoting some alleged holy characters pronouncements.

Memorizing is becoming more and more a practice that is losing necessity in this world of the 21st century. I write a fair amount of thoughts that could be quoted, but I have NO interest in whether someone does it or not, and certainly none that would be an affront to others when used someday as ‘gospel’. Surely, those alleged characters quoted in the holy books, would have NO MEMORY of having said what’s attributed to them even days later, truth be known. Why would I want to quote anything I’ve said, it’s nicer to just move on and ‘ad lib’.

If all those characters is the bible or other holy books were alive today, they would be aghast at what they were quoted as saying. That which was written centuries and millenniums ago could not be read then by 99% of the masses for obvious reasons, and regardless is too edited over the centuries by many to be anything but ‘chopped up’ ideas that in the end are fruitless to try and understand when so many thinkers and writers minds today are far more advanced and useful. Besides, meditation is scientifically the most valuable tool for human growth, and is never mentioned in the books.

It’s time to move on and rise in the moment instead of groveling in what will never free the mind to rise above the past’s misinformation and misquoting that is misinterpreted anyway. People have ‘brains’ that must be fresh and clear with discernment abilities to individually create a healthier path through life. All ‘scriptures’ are in the heart beyond words. Words are just pointers that must be ‘clear’, and understandable to the recipient. Avoid people that need to quote for they are prisoners of the past, and their personal fears and demons. Time to ‘let go’ of ancient ‘reedited’ rhetoric! In freedom, love is found!

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