Soul Mate Shock

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Soul Mate Shock


May 4, 2012
While most look to meet their soul mates, I’ve had many. There is no mystery here except the mystery of why you too can’t meet at least one when there is at least one, not only in front of your nose, but behind your nose! A few years ago, I met one of the most special people I can imagine. That special person lived just feet from the Pacific ocean on the famed Malibu beach strip, still while being 80 something he was endlessly looking for that first soul mate. This person was my friend, Jess Stearn, noted author of the first book on soul mate’s called ‘Soulmates’ which was on the top of the New York Times best seller list.

Sad.  Even all the yoga in the world may not help you to see that! My special friend Jess also had another top of the NY Times best seller list called, ‘Yoga, Youth, and Reincarnation’ before most knew what ‘yoga’ was! Life and love is inside you, and not just somewhere out there! The world, and it’s crazy religions all want you to look outside of you for this or that messiah and god.

Looking outside of you without seeing who you are is, at best, only going to bring you a soul mate that you never see in your heart as a soul mate. The ‘enlightened you’ sees what’s behind your nose as the real soul to mate with before finding another one. ‘Looking for love in all the wrong places’ may be a cliche, but it’s generally true. Feel blessed that you have the feeling yearning inside to be able to see that more love is what you want – many can’t even get that far.

A hurting, pining heart that hopelessly finds anything but a soulmate is worse that just being happy with what life brings. The hurt is really not having found the love within yourself. ‘Soul mating’ is a more practical term and endeavor than searching for someone ready made, particularly when you’re not likewise. Soul mates are everywhere but for people living either in self fear or obligating themselves to situations that are equivalent to selling their souls. Being free and open to love that has no agenda while allowing the other the same freedoms and openness with compassionate communication is a formula for deepening a love where looking for a soul mate is forgotten.


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