Priests & Lie Detectors

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Priests & Lie Detectors


April 30, 2012
Athletes get tested for steroids now. Millions who make base pay in the US have to take drug tests! Millions!! What the hell! Why are Priests exempt from ‘tests for truth’ or confessions when millions go to the confession booth to tell every dark secret known? Priests should have to give confessions! That ‘confession’ should be a well designed, accurate ‘lie detector’ examination at least once every year. The first time they must answer for years of back indiscretions to see if they are there, and taken before a neutral committee that each catholic church must pay into for this ‘truth check’, and protection for our kids.

Catholics are against ‘birth control’, which should be a woman’s choice, and yet to this male superior ‘holy art thou’ stance, apparently they feel they are above everyone else. Hundreds of millions are so ‘mind controlled’ that they don’t know they are ‘mind controlled’ by this ‘hornets’ nest that is NOT making but fake honey! It’s sad to see well educated people defending this ancient relic postulating stuff that thousands of good writers, speakers, and millions of people already know, and can process much better. The ‘devil’ has infiltrated them, and now that it’s ‘wake up’ time, things need to end with that male bastion of babble and goofy rituals immediately.

‘Hell’s bells’ – I hear them ringing! It’s time for ‘judgments’, or better said some ‘old fashion’ transparency. Time to quit hiding being those robes, and redundant lip service to a holy book edited and edited by hundreds of ‘scribes’ who likely had issues with all females but their mama, and that’s to be questioned! We are being snookered by this whole Vatican scheme whom I’ve heard many times are the richest land owners in the world. It’s time for ‘female energy’ to arise, and to put a little ‘salt peter’ to the testosterone energy of the male who plays both sides of life way too much.

I sincerely doubt if the average priest could hold his own teaching yoga, or having meditation seances. Prayer has become a mental thing as has religion. Escaping from helping the world and yourself is no longer cool. It’s time to ‘reverse the pump’ of all the barriers to freeing up the mind and heart, as well as holding the religion salesmen (priests) accountable for ‘actions’ that they have taken the oath with God to be above. Religion needs to open it’s doors to a more truthful experience. There should be no escaping the truth from God or the people. The people are not inferior, and should not be abused with lies. Mr. Priest, ‘put on your jeans and a tee shirt and take that lie detector test! Let’s protect our children, women, and all the rest of humanity while making a world more truthful and blissful.

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