Dead People Walking

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Dead People Walking


April 28, 2012
If you can’t see them, you may be one of them! Living to make a living is like having sex to fall in love. There was a time when just seeing what was in front of your nose may have been enough, or at least it was the norm. The old, the past is dead. There is only so much that can be learned from it, and perhaps that should happen, but there ain’t a lot of action there so just letting go of the less than loving, compassionate is a start to have a fresh, and free slate to move into higher dimensions of thought and life. The ‘dead’ at best, see only what’s in front of them, and that usually is non changing particularly when it comes to consciousness.

Few are not masochists! ‘A masochist is a person who loves to have a cold shower every morning, but takes a hot one instead. A sadomasochist is a person who, if asked by a masochist, Please, please hit my head hard,’’ says ‘’No!’’.

The dead, who breath, punish themselves with self criticism, and excuses that keep them in the box to only encounter others in a box while seeing a glimpse of life that leaves out some of the best parts. Of course, the dead don’t know that they are dead, and if confronted that they are, gasp in anger of righteousness that you have insulted them. Shortly they go back to being dead but with even more ‘self dead anger’ from hearing the truth. Misery loves company, and the dead will find company wherever they look, while not seeing the light of the awake who soon are repelled by the common drone of the ‘sheeple zombies.

Time to get rid of all the garbage and meaningless drivel that has become you. Humanity needs to be free of the corruptions of yesteryear both personally and collectively. There is no survival otherwise. A new you, and a new humanity has to pick up speed and happen, and why not? We are all here at the most opportune time in history to rise above the frays of the past.

Rejoice, be positive, open, playful, communicative, love deeper, and have fun while being part of others having the same opportunity. Climb up the mountain of your higher self where freedom is. Being whole is to be holy. To be whole is always to rise to the highest you can be. Walk, smile, and smell the roses!

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