Own & Admit Faults

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Own & Admit Faults


April 24, 2012
Whether you’re greedy, uncaring, a poor communicator, selfish, a liar, fearful, negative, on and on, be honest about it, and admit it to friends and loved ones. Walking around in your own life oblivious to others, especially those close is akin to being a sheeple zombie. All of life is here to interact, not hide behind a mask denying participation except for what benefits you. Why not make life about growing within, and spreading love to others? ‘Me, me, me’ is boring to others. It can’t hurt to give the ‘best’ of consciousness to yourself and to others.

Everything is right now, right here always bumping into you, or meeting you head on. Imagine yourself driving in a car and losing awareness of what you’re doing, and what is happening moments in front of you? Life to fill you, must be looked at as driving that vehicle, and the responsibilities involved to get to the next moment without a painful encounter. There will be bumps in the road, warning signs, reduce speed signs, watch out for whatever may be crossing the path, STOP signs, you’re being watched invisible signs, and any sign to test your awareness on the journey of life.

Playing hocus-pocus games thinking some magic from above will guide you in the right way is certainly fool hardy. Life has magic, or unexplained guides if you are in the right position to listen to them. A large part of that phenomenon is people you encounter. It’s necessary when in the path of another to be aware and discerning of how you are being received by them. Are you avoiding being aware of what is causing them silent or vocal horn honking to be more alert of theirs and your connection to them. Are you giving and receiving just the very bare minimum to stay in touch with the road both of you are traveling at the same time? Or put another way, have you given all the love, communication and compassion your connection requires for their satisfaction or harmony?

Life in a way is here for you on this small spec of the universe, and to give all that you have to show it love and appreciation. That does largely have to do with others who, like you, are souls in other bodies needing support to give back and enjoy life too. Why destroy such a beautiful life by not having empathy for others that you encounter? Give yourself the freedom to live in a blissful, joyful state while doing your best to insure that others can too, and with your assistance whatever form that may take. Faults are garbage, and need to be thrown out. Being unaware of the faults for any reason is to become a ‘faulty human’ rich, poor or whatever. Walk tall and be an example for all of humanity. That’s love! Be true and committed to the moment! Be realistic: plan for a miracle, and expect nothing.

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