Beliefs are Poison

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Beliefs are Poison


April 23, 2012
I was born in a haunted castle in a small artsy, picturesque town above the Olympic Mountains without any preconceptions or any religion. Currently, after a number of years in New York City and Los Angeles, I reside back in this ‘jewel of a town that the native Indians once called ‘sacred ground’. A few months after birth I was relocated to the coastal logging town of Hoquiam, Washington. The small logging and fishing communities in that area were a haven, like many towns in America, for many different denominations of churches from Lutheran, Pentecostal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist. and Catholic to name a few.

For some unknown reason, I went to many local churches to check out what they were about. Until later teens I was not aware of any choices of religion or not but those here that all enforced a belief in Jesus, God, and all the stories that went with them. Seems all the preachers wanted to baptize me to keep me from going to Hell. I always questioned but lacked knowledge for good ones that slowly continued to come to me. Questions are a continual part of life. Questions lead to beyond those who all have the same answer to validate their beliefs and doctrine.

In my late teens, one door after another began opening leading to answers to questions.
Some of them that were never satisfactorily answered always came to, ‘why do I have to  believe what I don’t see or intuitively feel, and I’m told I must believe without question unless within ‘religion correctness’. In my late teens I found myself deeply in mutual love with a preacher’s daughter. For the first few months I listened to her charismatic father both on Sundays and casually. I found more answers in a deep love with her than I ever did in a church or from her Pastor father at the pulpit! All beliefs became replaced by love and an intuitive awareness to see answers beyond belief or faith.

Children are made to be afraid of the eternal hell where you will be thrown into fire, alive, and you will burn but you will not die. The ‘belief itself’ means that you will have all the  pleasures of life, and be safe from this eternal hell. Believe and you are with God; doubt and you are on the side of the devil.  Belief is so simple, particularly for the young mind. There is little choice but to believe rather than doubt and risk your life. It is ‘exploitation’ of children and a molestation of the mind. That impressionable mind of a youngster is throughout life reminded to not doubt, but believe and have faith. Belief and faith have a place in daily life, but not as a reminder that hell awaits for those who doubt. Seek to uncover life’s mysteries, and possibly to know where belief and faith is no longer necessary. In this wonderful time, there is easy access to information that leads to truth. Open your heart and let love in to kill all poisons of those selling beliefs. Truth has no agenda!

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