Superconsciousness to Christ

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Superconsciousness to Christ


April 20, 2012
The journey to Christ consciousness is not necessarily through Jesus or Christianity! There is ‘no scam’ in evolving to the highest plateau’s of beings in consciousness. No religion salesman need knock on your door, or get you to follow ancient rules preached in a church, temple, or mosque. In Buddhism it is said, ‘if you meet the Buddha on the path’, kill him! In more compassionate terms it means to let go, and fly out of the nest by yourself. Clinging to anything is to miss the intent, message, and beauty. Words are just to point to the moon. Don’t focus on the pointing finger!

Most often a story or allegory gives more resonance with real like figures than some concept like consciousness, or even love. No figure or thing in any holy book is there but for most everyone to be able to relate to something they can wrap their head around rather than an invisible concept like ‘Christ consciousness’. At some point with an open mind, the ‘attachment’ to Jesus and all the biblical stories convert to flying personally to a higher consciousness without ‘training wheels’ that have their place, but need to be let go of for greater freedom and experience.

Religion is a stepping stone to religiousness or spiritual consciousness which is a pathless path where words are no longer necessary. An open mind and heart is a divine guide to move you up in all aspects of consciousness be it compassion, sensitivity, gratitude, giving and receiving, and all aspects of loving deeper. Whether not finding love or falling in love, a spiritual experience of ‘rising in love’ from what could be called the ‘dead’ is waiting inside your heart. Christ consciousness is superconsciousness and not part of any religion, but free to all who move to the zone of heaven within.

Be you Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, or any other ‘holy path’, they are all encompassing steps to transcend for a transformation into higher and higher states of the spirit. Being open and letting all attachment to your parents, schools, religion, chasing fortunes, etc., must be dropped naturally to empty the false for new energy to move in for the transformation.  The ‘new man and woman’ as well as the world of billions, is on the precipice to fly to greater heights to the energy of superconsciousness.

In a state of superconsciousness, all actions come from the highest of possibilities. The world of suffering is an unconscious world. The world of consciousness turns all experiences into an opportunity for inner growth. Be born again every moment, and on your own.

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