Love is a Battlefield

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Love is a Battlefield


April 19, 2012
Nothing is more beautiful than love in its full regal. Love is a tender precipice from which the unaware, and out of their hearts, fall into a darkness that bears no resemblance to it’s former self. People stand in their own way to reach beyond the fantasy of moments in the past. Young love too often slips into old love that chases what has reached the autumn of time all too soon. Closing the door on love before it’s really been opened to enter the space of love is love and joy lost. Where has love gone when one sees a world daily with barely the fantasy of loves fragrance.

Love is a fantasy, an illusion in the battlefield without the scent of love. Sharing love with someone who fills the heart with joy and happiness is to reach the peaks of life. Love is always here, but for opening the eyes and feelings of the hearts giving. Love gives more than any other thing with a feeling that, when deep, will softly burn forever. One can never get enough of life’s greatest present to keep the embers of breath alive and burning. Life moves from ‘rock and roll’ to the greatest sonata love song.

The gluttons of love feed themselves on what they are not ready to give all their heart to. When two lovers meet with a battlefield of unresolved issues within themselves, a continuing war of words and feelings ensues leaving even more ‘love/hate shrapnel’ littering where tenderness once promised one of life’s great expressions of the divine. There is no chase, but just the quiet, wordless aura of floating joy into one of life’s benedictions. Always be ready with an open heart and awareness of the sensitive in life.

You’ll easily find that which is less than the real thing only to abandon the rhythm, and the rhyme of life’s real blessings and essence. As in all sports, you’ve got to be ready to not only catch the ball, but to know what to do with it at the moment it’s there. Stepping into inner conflicts, and the ego will come to missing the pulchritude’s of love’s warm breezes. When you feel locked in the mind rather than holding hands with love, it’s time to seek the quietness of yourself, who you are, and what you have to give in love. When that inner feeling of love feels empty, it’s time to fill it up.

Try and learn to meditate, and give to the other with no expectation of a return. Both fills an empty heart where love was, and is now a battlefield of chaos or dead dreams. Stay close to love, it’s you best friend. Never, as time goes on, set your ways to feel love has lost its way. Love always starts when you choose to open the heart, young or old.

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