God is a False Rumor

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God is a False Rumor

April 18, 2012
Who are more stupid – Atheists or ‘believers in God people’? Answer: Both. Until there were ‘Religion Salesmen’ (ie., priests) there was no God, and believe it or not, no atheists! Ancient man living in a modern world with it’s technical marvels has encouraged the fear driven to listen to the fear driven apostles of parroting this religion or that one, in part for an easy way to make a living. At 18, I considered for a second to accept the mission of a ‘religion salesman’ until I examined all aspects of it, and realized that there were  much brighter contemporary authors of love, compassion and positivity.

To be free to choose the highest roads in life are never roads that anyone else has traveled. We are all unique, and even though most ignore the opportunities available to grow into a more Buddha or Christlike state, never has there been more in high consciousness on earth who can talk of what they found to work for them. The ‘parrot religions’ (in fact they all are) provide a small glimpse of the joys of life, but are filled with the ‘horrors’ of thousands of years which are being ‘dragged’ into this century by the greedy and selfish using the ignorant, naive young to do the dirty work of wars.

Everywhere you turn ‘religion salesmen’ have set up shop called temples, churches, mosques, etc., to read from the holy books and create guilt for the unquestioning but where the ‘salesmen’ salivate for more and more tithing. Truth never comes out of a book new or old but from inside a quiet mind and loving heart – the only scriptures needed are therein. Giving away your power of self determination to others is the real ‘sin’. Slick, seeming well meaning spinners and twisters of words from holy books that were created in ancient times by men who were uneducated compared to the more intelligent today is not energy of the light but of the dark. God, according to the salesmen is always out there, rarely emphasizing that god is really a ‘godliness’ of love and awareness of the higher aspects of living from within you.

Stop living with rumors. For centuries they have been passed through so many who themselves are ignorant. Truth cannot be passed verbally. The ‘god’ talked about has been false. Surrendering to a ‘false god’ when seeing that the ‘god’ is false is the just poppycock. Forget about your ideas of god, and look within, in silence and quiet. Be open to consciousness then, where all thoughts slow down where truth can be seen. Where there is no ego or effort, the sweet surrender happens to a godliness of joy, happiness, excitement and all the divine in vibration. Why miss the full view of the divine godliness within. Call it the Christness or Buddhaness. Words are not enough to describe the ‘fragrance of godliness’. Arhata

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