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April 17, 2012
Most people avoid seeing that who they choose to be with as a partner, is a direct reflection of who, and what they are! It’s a disconcerting reality for many to face, but is one of the ‘truths’ of life. If you disagree with this, likely you haven’t appreciated your choice (s) in life. One’s concept of love is a ‘mirror’ of who you are! There is really only one person in the world, and that one is you who seek more than you really have to give inside. This is your life to do as you please with natures silent, invisible walls that repel you from who you are not.

Blaming anyone else who you’ve allowed to be close to you is really a denial of who you are. People look to ‘compartmentalize’ denials into a mental waste basket that does not go away. Finding yourself irritated with someone you loved is really a reflection of not loving yourself enough. It’s not that the other one wouldn’t present themselves in a negative way still if you were a centered, positive person, but that you would not even be with someone negative for that to happen.

The shadow you see either following you, or in front of you, is you!! Life is a reflective happening. Smokers attract other smokers or someone who is smoking inside with unresolved issues. Smokers don’t realize it, but the majority don’t want any partnering with them for any length of time. Life has a way of providing the fearful a means of putting their personal faults way in the back of acknowledging them. ‘Unresolved issue people’ learn to be very clever at putting up a ‘smoke screen’ over those issues, however it doesn’t work with a coupling. Always coupling is a mirror!

Life that becomes a realization that you are going no where, but actually rowing against the tide, is the time to stop, and with compassion change the game both within yourself, and what you’ve created as a prison for yourself. Love can start in showing sensitivity to who was part of your life as things move to a new arrangement. Like clearing the garden of weeds for a more beautiful outcome, the ‘weeds’ inside you, your past and present are going to be the same ones there tomorrow.  Time is short, the journey is long, better hurry, and start weeding! 

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