Differing Love Levels

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Differing Love Levels

April 16, 2012
It’s unlikely that two people love each other equally. In the beginning is the most likely time. Love is an individual as well as a mutual feeling. Love can activate itself into a deeper love, or can turn on itself into varying forms of hatred. Love does best when there is no resistance from within or from the recipient or giver. Couples frequently find themselves ‘out of love’s’ gift, and into a ‘same-ole-same-ole’ state of everyday existence. The sun shines whether clouds block it or not. Sometimes it takes rising above the clouds as in a plane, or on a personal level, rising to a high state of consciousness.

Broken love is a love needing fixing all the time, but the sufferers tools to do it are rarely adequate, and it’s like a fake dentist pulling teeth with the wrong forceps. Couples rarely let each other know who they are behind the mask of fear. Broken love is rarely not endless. For those ‘sticking it out’, and avoiding divorce, it’s a punishment for being the way each of you is, and likely deserve. One life to live, and to waste the opportunity of having a more real vision of god that is only available through clear love is an abortion of millions of years in the making of ‘you’.

Rough love is like lumber that hasn’t been ‘planed’ or sanded for it’s best use. The universe has provided the tools for those billions who had rough starts, and can’t seem to move beyond the ‘fracas’. Fractured love is rarely fixed with out the tools of awareness or meditation in some form. It’s insane to think a person who can’t even love their inner self has a ghosts chance of materializing it by picking someone, and instantly jumping into anything but meeting who they are – at best!

The highest level of love is best to have within, then, meet and merge with the same. Any other gap is fraught with obstacles that are near impossible to overcome, barring a positive communication that always lifts each other up to higher and higher plateau’s of love. Love is like gold. Most is ‘fool’s gold’ that looks the part, but the real thing is too precious to be found in any random pick of millions of houses. Meditation is like filling your car’s tank with gas, only doing it alone, and receiving that ‘gas/love energy’ from the infinite supply of universal godliness. The breath of life is the breath of love in the air – just breath deeper.

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