Happy Abortions

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Happy Abortions


April 13th, 2012
The ‘abortion’ issue is a ‘political expediency’ for the conservatives, and a guilt trip promoted by the ‘religion right’. Women who should have the right to choose to abandon a zygote/embryo that has not yet reached the stage of a 9 week status of ‘fetus’. Man has created all religions. Never has a woman created a religion having always being regarded as a vessel for the man’s kids and a slave to raise them with little control over her own destiny. The war of male domination, manipulation, and control over women is well underway. Women still, particularly in backward countries, cultures, and religions continue to struggle for equal rights much as other minorities such as blacks continue to seek the freedom from stereotyping and persecution.

Having had extensive connection with females in NYC and LA most of my adult years, I’ve inquired as to their viewpoints on abortion as well as giving birth to a baby. Well educated spiritual females seem to have little problem with a woman having a choice for an abortion or raising the child. On the other hand, females attached to a religion, tend to be against a woman’s choice preferring to calling abortion ‘murder’. When it comes to my suggestion that they should be ‘tried for murder’, silence ensued.

All religions are ‘man made’ claiming ‘divine guidance’. Purely a crook of baloney! Certainly, religions have provided parameters from which the masses could learn an alleged middle way to keep them out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, religions carry many questionable values also from another long gone era of a totally uneducated populace. Religions subsist on the use of fear, guilt, and ignorance always with the male’s advantage upper most.

A spiritually conscious being is free of being programmed by ‘religion’s salesmen’, and their out of date ‘holy books’.

My experience has been that happy, well adjusted females not attached to any religion, who also have chosen for their personal reasons to have an abortion, were fine with their decision. Modern technology makes the procedure very safe, and females are able to lead a normal life the next day. There are certain things that need to be left to a woman’s intuition and choice without male interference. Always ‘awareness’ and love should be the major guide for all females. American females couldn’t vote until after the beginning of the 20th century, now it’s time to give them all choices men already have. Time to ‘abort belief systems’ in favor of knowing the truth. Arhata

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