Atheism is Phoney

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Atheism is Phony


April 11, 2011
To not ‘believe in god’ is a choice, and likely a reaction to those who say they do. Often the atheists I meet not only are quite sincere, but are very ‘intellectual’ about their position. I have not encountered one atheist who is a deep experiencer of love or either a deep meditator. The ‘mind’ tends to be their best pal with little regard for the emotions of love or any sense of the ‘divine’. A large percentage, or almost all, are really in sharp reaction against the common ‘believer in god’, laughing at them as not having a clue what they are hypothesizing about. In that, I see their point.

Either view point (belief in god or not) is a form of ‘enslavement’ that shapes who you think you are. Either has a ‘fog’ over the reality that there can be no exact, precise definition of the word ‘god’ other than the act of ‘throwing crap against the wall’ in hoping that pieces of it stick. All religions are ‘belief systems’ who demonize the competition as not being of right mind/heart to be able to enter into heaven. Now is that phony? On the other hand, atheists seem to take great joy in denying even that the word ‘god’ has any interpretation other than representing a ‘kook’ who uses the word as a pacifier for all aspects of life and dying.

Both a belief in god, as well as the belief that there is no god are foolish mind games that in the end are useless postulates that avoid a reality which may be too complex for the human mind to grasp. Both believe in the life’s most powerful force, but only have a cursory glimpse of it. That ‘force’ is love, and love that fills the heart, and not just a love that peeks from behind clouds of the mind and heart for an occasional jolt of warm feeling.

God or no god is not reachable but through the gates of a deep self love that is open to experience the deep love of another. Thus both are wrong. There are two roads to that space beyond either choice of god or no god. One is the path of the alone through meditation, and the other is through the depths of love. No one else’s road once traveled is but a story that may be a guide to the gates where there is no more road but ‘letting go’ and allowing a surrender to take over. Love grows by itself, and needs the false or phony you to allow the ‘real you’ to be. God or no god is a lot of inconsequential gibberish. Be in surrender with love for the best answers!

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