US Hates Free Speech

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US Hates Free Speech?


First Amendment is for Everyone!

April 9, 2012
Why do most Americans pretend to like free speech? It’s the same reason they pay ‘lip service’ to believing in God! It’s just a nice thing to say. Most don’t really hate free speech, but they just ignore what it is, and how to use it. The US is the only country in the world who’s government protects the rights of others to say what they want, and yet everywhere there are people censoring others rights, from the home to the local church. Most don’t realize it because they unknowingly accept it. It starts in the home, particularly among couples, then spreads among social connections to all aspects of life both verbally, emotionally, and spiritually.

This is my 19th year of doing more public free speech displays that anyone has ever done. Many millions have passed or engaged as I pay attention to infinite people’s reaction/responses. Other than 5-7%, most are oblivious, apathetic, afraid, or in light forms of hate. Seems about the same amount applies to both personal open communication both verbally and emotionally. The general culture in America is far more open than most of the world’s population where oppression in most ways is the norm. Freedoms are shackled for those who just accept being less open verbally, emotionally, and spiritually. Individually and collectively that can, and must be changed in this world of runaway technology which is controlling most lives.

The mind and emotions of the masses are in ‘coffins’ that seem to peek out the opening lid from time to time, but retracting back to shut the lid so as to protect their comfort zone. Fear of the unknown that is ‘like a carrot’ on a stick in front of a donkey is always there, followed by the shadow of fear behind. Humans who still are entrenched in the past don’t question what they perceive as the authority in the ‘holy books’ for fear of angering God. Ironically, they have barely a clue what this ‘God’ word stands for, but for the imaginations they cling to without question until the final nail in the coffin closes life.

Humans are subjugated to fears of opening up and questioning, instead self imposing themselves in various forms of slavery both to sustain their lifestyles, and close  psychologically and spiritually. Always it’s an individuals choice even though encouraged by outside sources.

RIGHT AND WRONG GO ON CHANGING CONTINUOUSLY.  If somebody wants to decide absolutely, he will be paralyzed — he will not be able to act. Leave yourself open to new and verifiable information. Push beyond what you have been taught. Always be open, aware, discerning, and loving.

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