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Saved FROM Jesus!


April 10, 2012
Pimping Jesus for the gain of eternal heaven is enough to bring Jesus back to denounce all Christians and Muslims to flunk the kindergarden of spirituality. Christ ‘in spirit’ might be eternal life, but not in the physical. ‘Jesus the Christ’ is an allegorical spiritual story to set a road map for individual and collective life, and not meant to be attached to as a physical happening.

The spirit of Jesus in the form of consciousness has returned to close the doors of all places of worship, and to admonish those who’ve made him into some ‘rock star’ rather than look at his number one message, ‘to love thyself with all the heart, body, mind, and soul, and to let arise the Christ nature within, whatever name it may go by. The worship of making him a false idol, as well as worshiping money is enough to create shame on the thousands of years humans have had to evolve themselves from their ‘caveman’ mentality of anger, violence, sloth, and ignorance.

Man, not woman, has made the myth of Jesus, that was meant allegorically to teach humankind the higher values of life, into a reason to manipulate and control a naive humanity. Loving the Jesus in the story is wonderful, but it was never meant to reach the pinnacles of ‘love’s possibilities’. The path to ‘Christ-hood’ is a pathless path that no one can do for anyone. It’s a path of the alone into the alone. In that space, one can, by being aware and in the heart, see the ‘Christlike’ being within, and be a mirror to give others hope to seek their own path.

A Christ would never ever agree to the wars of mankind as well as those who sat worshiping him while their sons, dads, daughters, mothers and friends went to war for any reason other than as a last resort to protect themselves and loved ones lives. A ‘christ’ is a Buddha or sun to nourish all of life with love and compassion. To see a physical Jesus, Muhammed, Buddha, Savior, or any Saint is merely a delusion fomented by the ‘crafty, lower spiritual’ to stroke their egos while thinking they have elevated themselves with those perceived as lower.

No one can see a ‘god’, and no one can see a ‘god’ come down, or up in human form. Fears create life with but the shadow or illusion of love that merely tricks the mind wherever it looks while attached to the human perceptions of reality, and not from the higher consciousness of the spirit. Jesus is a representation of the spirit of life and love, not a literal idol to worship. Love yourself’s spirit, and be open to live life in ways that nourish it.

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