Innocence is Educational

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Innocence is Educational


April 5, 2012
Only a small part of one’s learning is from ‘higher education’ factories. The real education starts when one participates in life’s many situations, and finds them as opportunities to grow. Supporting teachers, and their lifestyles is often a bit of a pipe dream to happiness in life. I found that the biggest benefit of a university education was spending a few years with a simple lifestyle, and with others likewise, except for a few entitled ‘silver spoon’ types from their generous parents. In a way, it’s a time to avoid the realities of making a complicated life style where money slowly becomes a very inviting religion.

“I laugh, says Kabir, when I hear that the fish in the water is thirsty.
You don’t grasp the fact that what is most
alive of all is inside your own house;
And so you walk from one holy city to the next
with a confused look!
You don’t grasp the fact that what is most
alive of all is inside your own house…” — Kabir

Your biggest secret, you have not been told. That secret is inside you waiting for your nourishment apart from the ‘educations’ of the outside world including those that are ‘sold’ to you at the college factories. All that is required is to go into your house that you call ‘you’ and nourish it with love and/or meditation. The ‘sky’ is in you! It’s you who can clear the storms and extra clouds away through emptying your mind of rambling thoughts. Being with yourself in a relaxed, peaceful setting, and you become educated on the greatest gift – you in innocence and love.

Only two things in life are most valuable: one is meditation, and the other is the complementary ‘love’. Meditation is the joy of being by yourself alone, and love means the joy of uniting with someone. Love in it’s deepest sense spawns an aura of meditation, and meditation spawns the growth of a love from within alone.

The world is filled with doing, and rushing here and there to really add nothing but the material that doesn’t sustain or embellish the powers of the inner blessings. Meditation alone or ‘bliss alone’ is the ultimate, even though love with another is also a bliss and joy. Both reverberate throughout life when tapped deeply.  We all have to find ourselves deep within where the innocence of life is.

Poverty is on the outside, and riches on the inner where truth and real freedom awaits your innocent awareness. Something ‘surreal’ starts happening when you find that life within is the most valuable asset you can possibly have. Call it godliness!

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  1. And this is where I am regaining my sense of wonder! It’s still within me. By opening the doors and windows of my heart and soul, letting all the light in, (and out!) it’s emerging. I feel it growing again and with it I am feeling the love that I have for the child within me, growing as well. It’s moving out over the walls of my self imposed prison that I built to protect myself. What I realize now is that the light in my heart doesn’t need protection at all, it needs to be allowed to shine! That light is love and it is my gift to those who will receive it. As Leonard Cohen sings- There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. Thanks, Arhata!

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