Understanding a Woman

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Understanding a Woman


March 31, 2012
Know yourself, and be with a woman who does likewise, and there is nothing to understand! Simple! From another perspective, to think two gay men as lovers are going to not have the same dilemma of sufferings from not understanding each other is wishful thinking. Any separation in thought and feelings creates a lack of understanding from my experience.  No need to do such when one knows and loves who one is inside. To marry someone to only find that understanding the other is never going to happen is just the universes humor to sit back and laugh at how stupid the pair has been to jump where fools would only shun. Understanding, anyway, is the booby prize in life.

Putting a square peg in a round hole is not a reliable fit, nor are two people with cross purposes and ‘states of beings’ that clash with little effort to alleviate the resistances. Trying to figure out a woman is being a square peg trying to figure out why you don’t fit in the hole. A pure male energy never will be able to figure out what’s wrong with a woman no matter how centered she might be because the problem is himself. Always when one chooses to be with someone, it’s a reflection upon his mental and emotional status.

Contrary to popular perception, love is very logical. Love becomes illogical to the one who is confused over who they really are inside. Many things get confusing when walking in the dark, especially when two people are both walking in the dark while both are having confused perceptions of themselves and each other. Without the close connection to the heart, one is more likely to exhibit the traits of a psychopath who has little ability to discern anything but that which benefits their desires with little or no compassion and understanding of another’s being.

Clearing the minds skies of clouds from being able to ‘understand’ another is a wondrous human loving requirement for best understanding and merging with others in all aspects of life. Female energy at it’s highest and clearest, combines with the same male energy to create a wholesome, well rounded merged being. A well centered you is a balance of both. The world of female suppression, and male dominance has created the dissonance, and most unnecessary suffering we see today. Love really conquers, or gives its flow of energy to the mind. An evolved you and humanity, awaits the rise of the spiritual consciousness to create an existence on earth that has infinitely more heavenly qualities.

Understanding to many men is easy: ‘’Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich.’’ Arhata

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