Forever in Love

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Forever in Love


March 22, 2012
The ‘wake’ of deep love will always be with you through life’s challenges, blessings, and beyond. Listen to your heart! In your goodbye’s, your heart will always follow you.

Is it real or just ‘Hollywood Romantic’ talk? 100% real. I experience it! Once, love clicks in as a deep energy charge that is authentic, it’s always there. For the lucky, it begins in childhood, and enough to meet the stranger later from out of the dark who can be part of deepening it even further, possibly to the point where any gap between that, and what one can imagine as more dissolves. In a sense, it’s having an angel within.

Think of a dark room with a ‘dimmer light switch knob’. You can turn it from dark to a very dim light, a little lighter, and into full light. The example happens with love, only the switch can also create alternating dark and erratic less than full light, and unpredictable moments. This is the state most everyone is in with no way out if one is not open to give much energy in fixing it. Mood swings, depression, erratic feelings, self criticism, hopelessness, etc., occupying more time than positive, loving feelings is a ‘red light’ that you are deficient of love in the love tank of the heart.

Fortunately, the challenge of fixing that ‘dimmer switch’ is one anyone can make with a conscious decision, and patience. Mentally deciding to be able to open the heart is usually not successful but for short periods. Being in a relaxed, open state is necessary. Some form of meditation exercise on a regular basis will begin to shift the energy while reducing the chattering mind that keeps playing tapes of the negative past along with other dissonant information. Change needs to be a fun and enjoyable experience, but with persistence, patience, and the belief that it’s moving in the the right direction of filling the love tank.

Love is a quiet energy which, when the moment is right, turns on appropriate to the situation. It might be seeing a little child, someone struggling, a beautiful sunset, a wonderful memory, appreciation, or thinking or meeting the eyes of someone who feels you in their heart. Once, activating the inner feeling that leaves ‘love turned on all the time’, whatever happens to those who have activated your love the most, will always be in your heart. Commonly, that deep love is never activated fully. The open heart feels at any time even in sadness but it has the quality of love with it. Love is never lost, even when the object of that love disappears, love pulls you higher and deeper. As love hurts, it is quietly building a new strength. Love has no substitutes. It’s time for a chain reaction, and ocean of deep love in everyone around the world for a new blessed, enlightened humanity.

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