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Mob Mentality

March 21, 2012
Sheeple! At this point in time, the individual thinker is rare. Lots of lovely people who are asleep, would be better to have been cows grass grazing rather than mowing it, and defending their ‘zoned outness’. Word is we are living in the time on earth where people can be almost like gods, but for their lack of energy to the heart and brain to sort out what’s important, and not important. Every day the ‘Sun of God’ comes up as it has for millions of years, but never with the awesome potential of human growth like now.

To begin with, I suggest a complete discontinuity from the past. The past, and even the present, must be looked at as a negative condemnation of healthy living. The past is mainly a crude interpretation of the mysterious aspects of life. The past is more a condemnation of the potentials of life than an adherent of the wondrous possibilities. The time of the ‘mob negative thinking’ must cease to exist for mankind’s advancement as well as preservation. Man has been a fanatic while worshipping with the multitude of religions from Hinduism and the Abrahamic religions of Jew, Christian, and Muslim.

Humans need instead to assimilate their being into the more mysterious side in addition to a more sensitive, caring, humbleness, loving and accepting the uniqueness of everyone. Now the ‘mob’ rules, condemning the freedom of the individual. Billions have unconsciously divided themselves into varying crowds that stifle growth of new and better ways to live harmoniously. There is the small mob of money and power which with it’s shallowness and ego reigning supreme over the masses are resistant to change because or their own greed and using the criminal and challenged minds as excuses to bolster their nefarious opinions. The ‘mob’ fears creative thinking of the individual.

We live in a mobocracy that chokes the growth of the positive, and open minded. Doesn’t matter whether the mob is one political party or the other, or this religion or that one. They are against the individual freedoms as the power hungry control masses of sheeple with their phony support of anti freedom issues to enhance their agendas. Truth is always individual, and not of any mob. The ‘crucifiers’ are the ‘sub-humans’ that shackle and kill the life of free thinking. The mob, and mob controllers are the satan that needs to be evaporated by a new surge of a revolution of the heart and mind! Let there be no shepherds of the soul and sheeple to quake in fear without questioning and rising up to claim a joyous life, full experience of love and truth.

Banish the past, and embrace the love and awareness available now into the future. Arhata

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