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March 20, 2012
Somewhere in America there is the notion of the ‘separation of church and state’ even though one of the political parties in particular, depends on it’s ‘winning‘  to corral religions vote. The Republicans thwart every social advancement to get the vote of the gullible ‘religious right’ for the wealthy who vote Republican because of tax advantages. This outdated party is also felt to be more unconcerned about the rights of women than many feel is warranted. Their agenda is to serve the wealthy using the support of the masses who follow the more strict interpretation of the bible while making them believe they care about their concerns.

At the top of the money pyramid, are citizens who don’t mind using religion to get them what they want by refusing to be open about women’s rights and various social changes. It’s all about numbers to get more numbers in the bank with glee. Politicians are basically a little lower than drug peddlers as they quack at how proud they are fin supporting the troops supposedly defending our freedoms. ‘Lip service’ comes out like the non stopping rains to ‘brain wash’ those who don’t take the time to be informed.

Rare is the politician willing to risk his job to tell the truth, instead playing safe politics to keep their job. A politician of high caliber is one who takes no ones money or perks from people with an agenda. Even a salary, unless absolutely needed, is unnecessary. The true politician should be of the mind to serve humanity, and sacrifice all else in doing so. The position should not be one to make money. Nearly all politicians are wealthy enough to survive while doing their social duty. The New World Order needs to be a revolution of the heart of humanity with a new type of leader in all parts of life.

Citizens need to be more open minded on social issues, more participatory,  and ‘demanding’ of those who represent them while breaking away from being ‘grouped by religion’ only to be puppeteered by politicians, and the wealthy who value wealth expansion more than progressive social issues. The US needs to remember that it is the ‘showcase’ melting pot for the world, and not the greedy, self serving nation it seems to be becoming. It really depends on people valuing their inner self growth of love while releasing inner fears. The American Dream is not material but ‘you’ evolving into a more superconscious, godly being.

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