Zombie Brain Wash

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Zombie Brain Wash


March 19, 2012
I come from a family of zombies, including cousins, nieces, nephews and what have you. Lovely people! I love them, on average, more than they love me – I’m competitive with love, and rarely feel I’m not giving more compassion to others including family. One of the reasons I do ‘free speech displays’  to provoke conscious thinking is to both watch the zombies pass by who unknowingly motivate me to write, but mostly to meet the more rare critical thinker who is open to see beyond the ‘programming of the sheeple’.

I am not willing to kill for my country, and receive the earnings and perks from doing so.
As a teenage child from an ideal small, rural community in America with a wonderful upbringing, I was told I had to kill when I grew up. My personal response was ‘you’re full of shit, I’m not doing it’! Thank god for the right to tell your country, take your ‘brain washing’ else where’s! Brain washing is always deemed necessary by those who want control over you for their agenda. What makes you different than an animal is you have the ability to analyze and accept or refuse. You have the ability to think, and make the best decision, but most in human bodies accept ‘brain washing’ while denying it’s in them.

All beliefs received from outside sources involve brain washing. You can’t brain wash truth. Brain washing takes hold when the person becomes convinced that whatever they are brain washed into thinking is real. You either know, or do not know. In between, is the outside influence that needs a vulnerable victim to allow the beliefs in. Self love needs to be created starting with childhood, but if not successful then, you need to clear all beliefs that likely don’t meet truth, or you are someone elses creation as well as a ‘takeover’ of who you really are. Most are willing to give someone else their power to think for them, while rationalizing it as their own thoughts.

Always go direct to the source, and only cautiously accept anyone elses thoughts as gospel. Beliefs want little resistance. Where thinking is already pre packaged, acceptance of that is to become a Zombie. You are free to be who you ‘ really’ are, and not anyone else or their beliefs. Create you as you want to be, and not accept others creation from the outside as who you are. A miracle is being you, and free of any others dictums. Always it’s time to wash the brain of all beliefs leaving only the real you. Let go and open the heart!!  Arhata

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