Luciferian Love

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Luciferian Love

March 17, 2012
God is only available to lovers. However, seems god is compassionate in letting his lesser half have some energy though be it ‘dark’ energy. It is a world largely still controlled by the darker male forces that wage wars, and many forms of bestiality as has always been in recorded history. Love is a part of life even if it shows up in the darkest moments overcome by the strength of forces that lurk in it’s lower expressions. Life consists of it’s opposites – some avoidable, some not. Some of those not avoidable like ‘death’ are also possessed with the blessings of angelic light for those with an open heart, and a gentle mind.

Love is not something that needs to be fought for as history seems to be filled with for peace. Love is something you have to allow coming in a let-go, or a surrender where holding-on lets go. Humans have been filled with warrior energy of building and destroying like the Winter’s long nights, and short days where little progress into the light seems to rule. Love is gentle and withdraws from the dark side of life that serves power, greed, lust, and all fears.

Luciferian mindset is to ‘control and confuse’ at the same time, keeping all but a few in the dark fighting among each other for a hopeful glimmer of light and love. Lucifer loves to operate with secrecy keeping most in the dark, like the husband who travels in his work keeping two women, unbeknownst to each other as his chattel. The Luciferian mindset doesn’t want the people to know too much, as it gives it’s male energy power to the elite or cunning who will keep it alive. Keep the people entrenched in the ‘mundanes’ of life and in a zombie like state to ignore self and social evolvement opportunities.

Godliness is only available in the loving heart, hence especially to lovers. Love life and it’s creation and creativity. Creation is the visible god. Move beyond habits of any negativity, and always move into the light. No point in becoming an ‘escapist’. The ‘temple of love’ awaits you who opens the heart. Freedom is the highest value. Love withers in lack of freedom. Freedom grows when in love. That may be conflicting with societies supposed ‘norm’ expected. Once love breaks through it’s lower plateau’s into the highest levels where ‘freedom’ is, that love become a part of you forever. Glimpses are just that, glimpses. Be free, sensitive, kind, open, and a love/surrender fragrance comes in from the beyond with no asking.

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