Americans Worship Idols

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Americans Worship Idols


March 12, 2012
As a kid, I was amused at how certain, what I regarded as more primitive cultures, worshipped spirits as if they were boogeymen that could change their lives. Christians mocked this as ‘idol worshipping’, and yet few Christians don’t do the same exact thing while making all biblical characters, and their concept of ‘god’ into the very thing. This is a world where ‘fantasy’ sells, and is comforting to those who just naively accept societies dictums. Few Americans are not caught up in ‘fantasy worship’ to one degree or another, and ironically, are in denial of it. It starts with, ‘I believe’!

‘Belief’ is a powerful mechanism to give both hope to some, and fear to others. All ‘belief’ by it’s very definition, is not knowing, or why believe if you know? ‘Belief’ is the puppeteer of the insecure and fearful which the world leaders feed off of to control – and why not? The real control is ‘you’ who has the ability to see, and feel with clarity what is true, and what isn’t. There are NO religion salesmen who are going to tell their people the real truth, and in these new times of research and information, all the holy books are filled with what today can be called ‘misinformation’ or ‘caught in a time warp’ of unknown meanings.

‘Selling’ anything is the most powerful force next to the truth and love. A good salesman can sell ice to Eskimos. All religion salesmen, by whatever name, are trained in the finest religion schools on the ‘art of selling’ faith and belief while avoiding information to the contrary. Once one opens themselves to the facts or truths uncovered by unbiased researchers, all beliefs turn to moving beyond, and to what is incontrovertibly the facts. Making Idols of myths, while not recognizing that they may be viewed as examples written in ancient times by scholars who felt it better to use imaginary real people to convey a message, is to miss the beauty of the message.

Make no perception into an idol for it will become only a mind trick for the ‘‘wolves of religion’ to control the flock. Most ‘wolves’ are very nice sheeple herders, and just may not be smart enough to awaken themselves to the facts. Have compassion for them, but certainly not be an enabler by listening to them. Primitive humans still populate the earth, only with mesmerizing technology, and means of entertainment that cloud most minds from seeing how unimportant they are next to seeking the truth. Truth ONLY comes to you from you, and your experience. No where else. Even here, all that’s happening is pointing to being open to seeing the truth. Set yourself free, and go beyond all the ‘isms’ and groups seeking members. Shallow truths need to be protected, real truth is usually avoided by those with an agenda no matter how holy. Love and freedom are the two wings to carry one to higher consciousness.

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