Divide & Fail

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Divide & Fail

March 16, 2012
‘Divide and not conquer’ is to be avoided by you, but not those who control the masses using the formula, ‘divide and  conquer’. Keep the people confused, and they are more easily controlled. Keep yourself confused, and you fail at everything you’re confused about, naturally. Every ‘seller’ of anything hopes you do not have the information that will lose the sale. Keeping you confused will help the skilled salesman rely on his ‘ace’ of ‘selling the sizzle’ because many sales are made just on that method which slides in the mind and heart past the facts and logic.

If it’s not broken why fix it, and that applies to those who dominate in any field. If it works, inspite of it’s flaws or deceptions, and it continues to work – spread it the world over! Truth to some can be massaged or spun to serve their needs in the use of others assistance. I learned the ‘art of selling’ with integrity, but also saw the methods to see with less integrity when on Wall st. Keep the buyer ‘divided’ from his better judgment, cull him into ‘maybe benefits’ that divide his attention from what others offer, and close the sale. The customer ‘fails’ in the ‘dividing’ of his inattention to the alternatives.

Anyone divided against themselves is to fail in reaching all positive pinnacles that are achievable otherwise. A healthy mind needs a healthy heart and vice versa. One not healthy makes for a person divided against themselves. Put two together with each having one quality or the other, and the union is not a union. Love is harmony. Love’s shadow comes sometimes from the mind but only if the heart energizes it. Typically, both minds and hearts are deficient as one will deplete the quality of the other that is not healthy. Unresolved anger embeds in the heart with it’s so called ‘gases’ sifting to the brains personal, sexual, love behaviors.

Your inner world is at your very center, undisturbed by traumas or lack of prior nurturing and love. That inner world is protected by a shield that few take the time to melt. In that world, you are as you should be beyond all corruption, however, it can and will be faced with it all around but inner world is not part of it. This world is you in your purist innocence and love. You just need to come closer and closer to your core where the luminous light of existence is in each person to dispel all darkness. Seeing that is to find the very secret of alchemical transformation. Peace of mind is not possible, for the mind is a ‘chatter box’. Find the inner core, that’s where the eternal peace and secrets of love lie.

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