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Polar Shift Now!


March 13, 2012
It’s happening at this moment unbeknownst to all but those awakening. Reminds me of the pineapple upside down cake mom used to make. Up becomes down and down becomes up. Hopefully, those unwilling to move with this new paradigm shift will find an early exit to some far off place to ‘reverse the pump’ of all the negative toxins that they have harbored and accumulated. Perhaps the earth shift will shake out the evil and negative that has been with us throughout memory. There is no tomorrow, and there is only now without the burdens of the past.

A friend and colleague of mine stated, ‘the supremacist and intolerant stench of the Old Testament has wafted upwards into Christianity, Islam, and the entire world is now being held hostage by the violent and barbaric human enslaving, and woman-hating Abrahamic cults. We have to spend so much of our time trying to keep this bad seed from destroying the planet. The Abrahamic cultus is a pathology, and part of the world’s great (?) religious tree that needs serious pruning.’  We individually, and collectively are the gardeners to do the pruning, but nothing short of a polar shift will do.

And if you’ll look out the widow below you, you’ll notice a heart that provides love juice to the mind that is barren and thirsty without that energy. The earth’s humanity has been trapped in fear, hatred, apathy, anger, jealousy, and every negative since recorded history. Time for a polar shift into positivity that comes up from the heart rather than the reverse it’s been shackled with. The ‘polar shift’ must begin in the minds of the luciferian drama that goes on endlessly without reproach. There must be no stopping the shift in people’s thinking from negative to positive until the positive shift has happened.

The polar shift begins within you. People need to shift from ‘spacing out’ to ‘spacing in’ be it from drugs or lollypops like ‘beliefs’ that enhances hallucinations. ‘Spacing out’ is easy by taking in whatever sends one into a false comfort zone, and takes responsibility away from you. ‘Going in’ needs effort. No drugs or religion trips can help. Going in means you have to have intent of doing so. Mediation is the route and making a tremendous effort to become aware. Transform your whole vision from spaced out, and it’s negative ultimate consequences, or ‘space in’ through a more meditative life turning negative into positive, and relentlessly if necessary. The journey back from a false outward journey is not quick or easy, but can be with your focus on valuing the inner positivity. A new vision of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary awaits your choice. Create your new positive shift beginning ‘now’! Time to reboot!


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