UFO’s in Head

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UFO’s in Head


March 10, 2012
Believers in Unidentified Flying Objects are much like ‘believers’ in Jesus, Muhammad, heaven, hell and so forth. All are lacking credible evidence! Humans are a strange breed who rarely take the time to seek more information on things other than what supports their beliefs. Greatest thing in life is ‘love’. No belief necessary – you either know or don’t know. Perfectly ok(?) to roll around in the head anything you want. Actually, certain drugs will accelerate the experience! UMI means Unidentified Mythical Icons. Seems that more than 90% of earth’s bipedal creatures at this time are mentally drooling over either – both at the same time is strangely not common.

There’s a song, ‘I’m not crazy, I’m just a little impaired’ that reflects the global status of the condition of most people today. Everyone has something about them that is more developed than most others. Everyone can focus on that ‘something’ while also looking to nurture other aspects of themselves that seem to suffer. Thoughts that roll around in the head control our lives. Illusions or negative thoughts are rarely ‘identified’, and eliminated by people, but instead seem to be endlessly spun to continue the effect. There is no one in charge of who you really are other than ‘you’. Letting what amounts to misconceptions rule from birth to death, is the use of ‘free will’ we all have to choose or not.

Educated or not, rich or poor, all have the ability to see that they are not better or worse than any other but for ‘perceptions’ caused by the ‘floating around’ of impairment thinking. I met many homeless down on their luck in Los Angeles. I would tell them what I saw, and experienced that amounted to, ‘you are so much luckier than so many people who have lost their freedom and their lives, filled with obligations and burdens’. Taking a more spiritual path would be far easier for many of them as they are ‘at the starting gate’ with nothing to burden them but unnecessary perceptions. Consciously oriented people, even though a minority, can always be found, and to be helpful for the humble and sincere.

Like a bird in a cage, there is no where to fly, but when out of the cage of burdens and ‘piled on’ responsibilities, each is free. Unnecessary, self criticisms need to fly away leaving fewer and fewer unidentified flying thoughts in the cage of the head. I’ve met rare persons who had no societally accepted achievements in their lives, but were wise enough to see that most, for all their accumulations and accolades, had little on the inside to show for their futile journey. Life begins NOW, and the shopping carts loaded with the unnecessaries of the past must be left behind for the real freedom, and for the inner sparks of love to catch. You are no less than God’s (life’s) wonderful creation!

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