Quiting Work at 45

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Quitting Work at 45


March 7, 2012
Forty five years is an arbitrary ‘menopause time’ for men. Life has more meaning than making money. It’s been said it’s harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to heaven. In other words, serving two masters at the same time is like having two wives who ask you who you love most when the answer, ‘the same’, doesn’t work! Or, to be a master at two sports at any time in life is not only unlikely, but will there be time for knowing yourself, and for another to know you, and you them?

Life to have fulness in meaning, only happens with the passion to seek it’s meaning along with knowing who you really are ‘without the attachments’. Knowing life means taking a ‘break’ from the chase of the material pearls. To continue in life making more money than is needed is a form of gluttony, and ‘pride chasing’, as in the seven deadly sins. There comes a time in life, when the inner quality of you needs to have the care and nurturing that serving too many ‘masters’ will never allow. Not possible!

It is better to begin valuing, and with action, the inner aspects of life and love as early as possible rather than plunging into a life that has no breaks until it’s no longer easily possible to stop, and push the ‘reset’ button to an innocent open heart and mind. Life almost always continues as it started from early on, but the first few years as an adult is the time to reset or correct habits, misconceptions, etc., and move into one of love and inner blossoming be it through love of another, meditation, or both.

Life has ‘open windows’. To be an athlete of note, one isn’t likely to become that starting at 30. There are seasons and times for everything. Wisdom can have an open window throughout one’s life, but what’s been done in the past is a good indicator of that possibility. Have a passion for gardening, the window is always open. One who is a smoker, may avoid alzheimer’s disease, but it’s because death comes first in that open window.

Find a passion or two as early as possible, keeping focused on it, and one that you would do for perhaps years while having nothing to do with money. Let it be from the heart. Mine is around this with meditation and love, along with fun at ‘free speech activism’ as a social giving back for the privilege of being alive at this incredible moment in time. Seek your passion, and by forty five be ready to consume yourself in it with positivity, awareness, love, and compassion for all. The gold in life is in the ‘inner qualities’. Life isn’t just a masquerade to let what doesn’t really matter get in the way. Be the gardner of who you really are deep within!

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