Dark Side of Faith

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Dark Side of Faith


March 6, 2012
Faith is good except in the face of facts! However to keep the faith, it’s best to ignore the facts! As I walk in the dark countryside’s, wee hours of the morning, I’m occasionally startled by strange sounds from the woods. I always use to revert to my faith and belief that it doesn’t care about me, even though? As the light emerges, the facts of those same sounds cause no necessity for the need of faith that they are but inconsequential.  Truth negates the need for faith and the belief in the unknown.

Another example that connotes questioning faith for facts:
The beginning lines of the Old testament speak something very similar to the Hindu idea of creation of World Old testament
“In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with
God and the Word was God and through the Word, the world was created”
The World was manifested into being by the uttering of the Divine
and Cosmic Syllable “AUM”
Yet by another theory, it was the influence of the Sumerian civilization

Faith in the tenets of any religion can be life changing, and certainly better than a despairing view of life. However, a persons faith when the facts or truth is available makes little sense. ‘Faith’ is in a certain teaching, generally from ancient times. Miracles, purported facts at the time, some wise words, your interpretation, etc., are aspects that make many followers of a system, and culture, to have a guideline of rules for most within that society. Knowing is stronger than any belief or faith. Why hope or have faith in what is known. Does it make sense to say ‘you have faith’ in what or whom you love, if it’s beyond doubt? If a couple is fully merged in love with transparent communication, doubt is not there. No doubt means belief or faith is not necessary.

All myths have a element of truth, then becoming embellished in time, and spun by those who elect to pass on the beliefs. Followers of religions over time invent things that are pure fabrications. Nearly all religion characters in holy books have no credible historical evidence of having existed. Faith today in myths when there are so many real mysteries to be discovered, are limiting to the joys of exploring and creating higher states of consciousness on your own. In the Christian religion people believe in the miracles, take then away, and the belief in Jesus declines into wanting to know the facts. For centuries, religions have been making promises, none of them happen, or are going to. The ‘religion salesmen’ have been and continue to be lying, promising, and peddling medicine to your minds. You are simply wasting your life to not pursue the facts, and at the same time making sure you have love of yourself, compassion for others, and an openness to question as well as being open to be questioned. Faith which does not doubt is dead faith! Arhata

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