Republican’s are Nazi’s

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Republican’s are Nazi’s


March 5, 2012
Almost all republican party supporters in America have trouble with the 3 R’s in another form from that what kids were taught in school. If I were money rich, I’d consider being republican.Then again, not if I were socially conscious. The rich republicans need the ‘sheeple’ to vote for their agenda! Redneck’s, racists, rural, and religious right ringers, misogynists, and the left overs who also don’t know they are being manipulated.These sheeple are basically ‘white’ too! The ‘1950’s mindset’ still romps well into the 2000’s, dragging with them belief’s from long gone ancient centuries. We have one dumbed down crop of voters to vote for the greedy, wealthy agenda of the few rich!

The new Nazi is the blind follower, slave of the wealthy. The new Nazi (not-see) has been so brainwashed by the religious and political salesmen, to not realize that they are in support of each other. America has been turned into a farm land where the main crop are the sheeple, and of course, a few others having republican like blinders on.

‘Free expression rights’ among these Nazi’s is ‘according to their self serving needs’. They are free to suggest that everyone who doesn’t follow their jesus is likely to go to Hell, but they pass off responsibility to an unidentified god who also is sending over 3/4 of the world to Hell … and with no 72 virgins! Conservatives (republicans) detest the more open who are sometimes called ‘liberal’ as if that’s a poison for being socially open, progressive, and compassionate for women’s rights without twisting words to suit their wishes.

Politics is a whorish business anyway, but to make it a business to do whatever is anti-open minded and progressive because it will get votes from the ‘backwards’ to fatten the bank accounts of the slave owners is ugly usury and greedy.

When it comes to women’s rights, not only are religions, (some more than others), not openly supportive of recognizing equal rights, but they also seek support of those guilty of being more misogynistic. There seems to be no objection to providing males with ‘viagra’ like pills, but when it comes to contraception or birth control, it’s another matter. At this time there is even legislation seeking to prevent the sale of tampons!

‘Same sex love’ that can be consummated in marriage is not an open possibility. There is a general undercurrent of putting females into lesser categories, and ironically the women voting republican are cooking their own goose! Man has sought, since the beginning of time, and continues, to put women into inferior positions. Male energy, for all of it’s good, has been a destructive, war supporting, angry energy. Female energy needs to catapult to the dominance of making this a more gentle, compassionate, loving world as soon as possible before male energy destroys the world. Can we ‘not-see’ that each of us can become more loving, aware, and discerning free of ‘others’ agendas?

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