Jews Wrote Quran

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Jews Wrote Quran


March 2, 2012
As much as I love Islam, and the beauty of their peaceful coexistence with their fellowmen, they don’t seem to give the Jews the credit do them. Now, during these ancient times of writing ‘Holy Books’, isn’t it a wonder that they all came out of the turbulent Middle East where there was, or is anything but peace?  I’m sure there are isolated places such as where there are shepards tending their flocks that have only peaceful breezes to dwell in. It’s a known fact that the bible was formulated by dissident Jews, not Christians who slowly came later. The Jews, of course, didn’t just create the old testament impervious to other earlier civilizations. India was the source, as it is today for much rising spiritual thought.

A critical part of Islam’s religion/ideology is the recognition of Jesus as a primary prophet. Strange as it seems, Jesus allegedly is mentioned 25 times in the Quran, and Muhammad 5 times. Some Islamic scholar’s wrongly even suggest that Jesus predicted the rise of Muhammed. In truth, there is no reference to the religion of Islam, or by even any other name. Islam is a renegade knockoff of the Jew/Christian bible much like what the modern day Mormon’s have done with Joseph Smith and Brigham Young (who they too were into multiple wives). Seems Solomon started something with his purported hundreds of young wives.

Religions have played a role in giving their flocks hope, and belief in an afterlife of salvation. No religion says, ‘there is nothing but here’! Religions have to have a ‘carrot’ to give those without the courage, time, or intelligence to seek divine answers on their own. Religions are a neat package that few really understand beyond those trained to be ‘religion salesmen’ by whatever name they use. Kind of reminds me of modern day fast food outlets that serve the non discerning cost conscious belly’s of the masses who have no real concern where the food came from or whether it’s authentic, healthy or whatever.

Back in the days of the more neanderthal humanity (which really continues with a face mask today), less than 1% of those could read! Likely no more than 1% of that 1% were females! The ‘scribes’ of the scriptures were monks often living in desolation and groups. Life spans were near half of what they are today. The monks could only write from a very primitive experience, and no or little regard for the female other than as a vehicle to bore others children. Wars and fighting of this small area of the earth were always ongoing, in fact much like now except for the high technology. People, to reach higher consciousness, need the light of peace much like the flowers in the garden to bloom and flourish need the gentle ‘sun of life (god?)’ for nourishment.

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