Heartache & Pain

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Heartache & Pain


February 29, 2012
Take a little time to look around you, and inside you. Life has to be faced as a journey where traveling seems so far, with the distant answers seeming elusive to the mind and heart. Your inner purity will show you the way if you are vulnerable, and in awareness. ‘Right now’ always holds the ‘envelope’ to the answers that you seek, if you take the time to see and ‘be’ with your intuition and heart. Life has more to personally offer if one scratches beyond the surface of outer attachments that are trailed by desires oblivious to the real gifts within.

Heartache and pain comes for those who are still attached to some form of self loathing, or a lack of self love. When you love and are fulfilled, there is still pain, heartache and suffering, but generally of a quality and lesser quantity, not damaging to one’s psyche or heart.  Unfulfilled love creates greater pain, and suffering than that which has a certain completeness. Show love to yourself first before showing it to another, and for best results, find someone who also does likewise.

The heart is built to be filled, and not running on empty for when it’s needed. The heart that’s empty, or not filled enough, is the heart that can hurt most. If the heart is so blocked from feelings … depression, anger, fears and self loathing increase. Why be selfish to the heart to falsely protect it from perceived hurt when the opposite is far more likely. Always keep the mind and heart active with positive stimuli, and life’s challenges are more manageable. Heaven is within, and without the neighbor of hell.

Be foolishly in love, because that’s all there is. True freedom from the suffering of life’s negatives comes to those who escape the mind as emperor of the soul, and embrace the heart’s power and innocence. Love is not seasonal, love the soul. Release expectations, the love path has no expectations. Be as clear as a mirror with no secrets. Communication and giving the other the freedom to be as their heart desires, sows loves myriad virtues.

Always go where love is! Give love, compassion, patience and time needed for love’s trials to heal for a stronger love. Love is self creating forever!

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  1. Learning to be foolishly in love! I am so enjoying these writings today. Love is the answer to every question!

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