Self Examination

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Self Examination


February 28, 2012
Say ‘goodbye’ to friends, family, and the whole past, but for the positive memories. Move on, or stop living where you feel comfortable, but not just quite right! Get off on your own, and find the life, and the real inner you that needs the freedom of a new world to fully explore yourself while dropping what you no longer need. Do you want to know who you are behind a ‘zombie sleep’? Why not take a looksie into, and beyond the shallow shadow of what isn’t really the authentic you? Even the attachment for perceived convenience of safety who you’ve become accustomed to, needs a new, fresh, breath of adventure.

To grow, people usually need to break free from what they are tied to. I know someone who continues to live with their parents long after the teen years. She has a hard time realizing that a life of freedom, love, and expression is stunted by staying in the ‘nest’ for her, as well as the parents who likely never lived fully outside of their little box. All have the opportunity to grow, even though the parents rarely will. The most important person is a well rounded, aware, ‘love in full bloom’ you!

It may take  courage to be yourself, but at this time in the Western world, is the greatest time in history to climb to the pinnacles of who you really are. Settling down, and having a family, is an option that needs to be examined for why. Raising a family has been done by billions of people, and look where we are at in this volatile world. Anger, hated, lies, wars, starvation, non communication – the list is too long to mention more. How many could now ‘stop’, and see that the child inside needs to be raised to the highest peaks of consciousness. That has escaped all but less then a very tiny few.

The world needs help. Having more babies, and struggling to feed them so they can grow up, and do the same thing as 100’s of generations before them have done is redundant and ‘standing in place’. Never creating a being of heartfelt, higher consciousness is a waste of a rare and incredible opening in this time of life. There can be millions of Christs in the world, if millions set there mind and hearts to it, and in a short time. Imagine the power that those lights would have to inspire more of a heaven on earth for billions. Having babies without clearing a path upward in consciousness for you is to miss the opportunity of lifetimes. Start by coming to a full stop, and turning around to focusing on a new path of spiritual consciousness.


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