God is a Verb

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God is a Verb


February 21, 2012
It’s absurd to worship a verb. Worshipping a noun, or a perception, needs a little rotor tilling of the mental impairments that cause such archaic foolery. On second thought, if you want to worship, try the sun in harmony with you and love! People have made the word ‘God’ an idol, and somewhere it says not to worship idols. Idols are by definition, ‘figments of the imagination’ that sometimes lead to more holy terms like ‘belief’. Belief in God rarely is understood by people to connote other than a being, person, or something upon questioning, that the ‘believer’ is baffled by.

Religions are a necessary evil, even at this time of great access to personal wisdom, and methods readily available to access divine information outside of holy books, and their ‘catechisms’ that are preached by men who are looking for converts. Shepards of God are needed, sadly, for the lazy who easily go astray, and pay no or little attention to seeking the answers within. Seeking answers from ‘without’ is necessary for the childish minds of most who secretly harbor within a very shallow understanding or love, and it’s many manifestations.

God is a word to describe a feeling, and a tremendous isness that can’t be grasped. There is no man or being anywhere that can be identified as ones perception of a god. Doesn’t exist. Often I say to those who approach me in my free speech show to ask, ‘do you believe in God’. The question is absurd, and is the wrong question for what they are seeking! They are trying to put me in a box that fits where they are. Illusions are for those who dream up beliefs. Everything, and yet even no-thing, can be labeled ‘God’ or any word in any language to represent the untouchable, unreachable, but what divine intuition feels the presence of.

The ‘great abyss’ of life is a spirit that flows in everything with no beginning and no end. Tune in, and turn on to that by opening the vulnerable heart, and leaving the mind out of it. On a warm moonlit walk on the beach, it’s there. In a silent meditation where all thoughts are gone, it’s there. In the throes of a loved ones arms and riveting feelings, godliness is there. No belief necessary. What is, is, is isness, a pure presence. Hear the morning birds chirping in a soft rain filed walk. Just be in the presence of silent godliness where all desires and thoughts no longer matter. Love is the divine gift that comes from somewhere, and fills your being! Either you know only through the overwhelming presence, or you don’t – no belief necessary. In the freedom of your heart you shall know the unexplainable beyond reach. No words necessary.

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