Do Women Suck?

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Do Women Suck?

February 24, 2012
Collectively, men suck horribly! The fruits of men are coming together in histories most advanced age. Violence, war, and suppression of  women! In the more educated countries with ‘freedom of religion’ (or not), some inroads have been made to respect a woman’s equality, and equal part in all decisions. However, for the most part men are still clones from the neanderthal ages hiding behind high tech toys, stimulants, and shallow inner brains as well as pseudo hearts that their brain pretends actually works. Scratch the surface and ‘voila’ – neanderthal lunk heads!

There is no question that women are, or have been lowered to prostitutes, baby machines, abuse receivers, and pets for man collectively. It’s a believed experience by millions that some women are ‘pieces of shit’, and could be as bad or worse than any man. That being said, it doesn’t obviate the fact that men in power are not doing what needs to be done to bring the individual and collective intelligence on a grand scale to an evolving height that turns the planet into a light of consciousness for everyone.

I feel for the female plight as much and more as I’ve felt for ‘blacks’ dilemma, and yet like them, can see where a ‘significant’ population of them are, shall we say ‘uncomfortable’ to be around. It is no easy task to convey information to the ‘difficult types’ of any group, in fact it might be easier, and more hopeful, to wait for Santa Claus. There has to be an ‘intent’ with some action to learn to rise above one’s ‘unhappy’ position. Looking at just one’s immediate outer circumstances with little, or no attention to inner growth, or being open to studying information about the world’s problems (ie., keeping up with the news) is to be no more than a sheeple.

In the past, most women left ‘inner development’ to men (who collectively pay no attention), and being informed of what goes on in the world almost exclusively to men. WHAT A DISASTER! Now, in the Western world, women are slowly waking up to see the world is out of control with violence everywhere, including against them and their innocence. Those majority of females who just raise families with their heads in the sand about the rest, are part of the global problem.

We can blame religions, politics and greed for the situation in the world, but upon closer look, it’s a lack of more sensitive, practical, informed female energy that is lacking. Few men, inspite of their collective accomplishments, are ‘mother trained’ to be conscious humans apart from being male or female. Women must get informed, resolve their issues, find inner harmony, and make a difference in the world. Now might be too late, but it’s a positive, logical start!! Remember, no high conscious male is looking for more in a female than your sensitivity, enthusiasm, and openness. Males should always give defferance to a female’s wishes. The male ego is really insecure, and way overblown. Be the ‘godliness’ that seems to be so needed in the world! Pack up all your troubles and throw them away!

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