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February 20, 2012
There should be a ‘love a catholic day’. I’m crazy about catholics – love ‘em, even though…  Love how so many Catholics stay married to the church, the pope, and all the hoopla, costumes, pedophilia, in-the-closet-sex-perversions while professing celibacy, and the attachment to all the biblical myths. I’m quite impressed with the power that the Vatican wields over perhaps a billion or so people like the Mooslims do. Without JESUS, neither would exist! It amazes me how billions think only their way is the way. It further amazes me that I’m alive at this time of great advancement to see billions who are drunk on these religions when so many are providing what I see as more practical, divine answers to the human dilemma.

Was watching TV yesterday as the German Pope, who seems to have one foot in the grave, shakes as he puts a funny red hat on a new cardinal who is decked in a red and while sheet-like robe. These catholic higher up characters look like they are going to a Halloween costume party, or a Ku Klux Klan secret meeting on how to control certain groups. Amazing it’s 2012, and that a few years ago it would have been hard to imagine, that this ‘museum piece religion’ is the same as centuries before except for putting a more cunning mask on their game of domination, manipulation, and control of the ‘sheeple’, and they even call themselves the ‘Shepard of the flock of BELIEVERS’!

Of course, one has to be a BELIEVER! All ‘believers’ of any messiah or religion, are told to ‘believe’ that what they are told is the ‘truth’, and the ‘only truth’. Of course, that’s why it’s always said to ‘believe’ with all your heart, body, mind, and soul! Most don’t that much, but have had their minds invaded enough to forever cling to something in the religion – sometimes that’s just Jesus or Mohammad.

All the Catholic priests, bishops, cardinals, and up to the pope are well trained to keep you in the flock if only once a year, and in hopes that they will get a certain percentage of your funds for their great mission in your ‘Will’. All of them know that EVERY person of faith in the bible has no proof of having existed according to all credible ‘Religionoligists’. No matter, the show must go on orchestrated by the simpleton Pope’s, with the goofy wardrobes, who get free room, board, and amenities at the castle of the richest landowner in the world – the Vatican!

Whatever ‘God’ is, it’s inside only you for you. God is a verb, not a noun. The spiritual journey is to unlock the doors within, and see who you really are apart from what your endeavors are in life. Life is short, the journey is long, better hurry! Drop all the ‘robes of others dictums’, and find the love within. It’s there for the ‘aware’ and vulnerable – nothing else needed. All beliefs are lies. Truth needs to convert no one!


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