Just a Little Impaired

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Just a Little Impaired

February 12, 2012

In the beginning, we see with rose colored glasses particularly when it comes to a promising relationship. We overlook what we should pay attention to. There are times when it’s better to not make an issue of our perceptions. Don’t be too aware of things that ultimately don’t matter. If you don’t ever mind, it’s mind over ‘matter’ – you don’t mind, it don’t matter. However, when love begins to bloom, people in their eagerness to  rush in, often are followed by the shadow of deception. The ‘great deceiver’ is often you!
Why walk into what is perceived as love without being prepared to be ‘aware’ of who you are, and who the other is.

‘Love mirage’ often is the road to an emotional impairment or destruction that needs more repair than many are ready to handle. The secrets of lying, lie in turning the lights on in your mind, and seeing or accepting with some sort of remorse that translates into rising above the ‘disease of lying’ to yourself. Impairments are a form of lying that need a time of cleansing to remove what doesn’t contribute to a wholesome living.

You are the writer, director, actor, and audience of your own drama. You see people as you are wired to see them, and only when you let go of deceiving yourself are you able to see others with clarity. Look at people as a whole picture, meaning both the negative and the positive. It’s easy to make a ‘fairy tale’ by choosing a few parts of something, or someone you feel to love. The image is imaginary as hard as you try to make it endlessly fit. You can postpone the reality but reality will eventually assert itself. Moving between wanting to kill, and wanting to love deeply is an indicator of being ‘a little impaired’.

Honeymoons rarely last, but transform into everything but an opportunity to make it into a spiritual journey. People tend to be prepared for ‘new meetings’ with a mask of excitement, and innocence that turns into differing shades of perceptions laced with what was never apparent in the ‘fling’ with the magic of yesteryear that you were part of letting sink to the more mundane. Always, it’s time to find who you initially loved as well as locating the love for yourself when you abandoned the search. Why let love fall into fragments that become unrecognizable from the past?

That ‘fragmentation of love’ is cause by the mind having taken over the ‘rights’ of the heart. Love is an upward journey until it becomes the only reality. Choose the path of love until it becomes a ‘choice less’ choice. Find the light switch of love, and leave it on.

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