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Shopping Cart People


January 31, 2012
Ahhh – good gracious! The people who can’t get over themselves are like a museum where you can see things frozen in time, and undisturbed from the past. Recycling unresolved issues, and finding the company of other ‘recyclers’ keeps the recycling as old, unhealthy ideas and behaviors, unchangeable until the end of life. These are the ‘sheeple’ or shopping cart people who pull along the same old carts from dumpster to dumpster protecting themselves from new, fresh energy. Most friends are burdens if they keep you from meeting new kinds of people to stimulate growth and mind opening.

These sheeple adapt to the conservative ways of staying inside their own comfort box, and avoiding those that might challenge their thinking about life. They become ‘followers’ of their ‘set in backward ways’ friends and connections fearing those who may well have more to add to their life. Small town mentalities are so hardwired that even moving to the ‘big city’ rarely breaks the mold of being trapped in their mind’s habits. This is the age of ‘breakout’ from infinite generations of ignorance, fear, and broken lives.

All negatives from the past are an opportunity to let go, and begin new thinking patterns rather than cart them around forever, making it impossible for others more free of past negatives to connect. Negative conditioning attracts the same, and it’s much easier to find than the challenge of reaching beyond the ropes keeping you tethered to negative circular living. All around I see people smoking, and using all kinds of medications, legal and non legal to help them avoid facing their issues. Those in power to control our lives feed off of the collective mentality. To be blind and unconscious is to be led by life rather than you being conscious, and choosing to lead life toward the positive and loving.

That which is repressed is that which takes up too much cluttered room to let fresh information and experiences in. Repressed people go to what they believe is Heaven, but is in fact a Hell starting here and now.  Sticks and stones may break bones, but fear and ignorance break the highway to love, and love of self. It’s time for most to stop how they’re thinking, feeling and living to realize this is the age of personal evolvement, and you’re being asked to stand front and center instead of hiding with all the mental/emotional junk stored in the shopping carts of life. Time for the old John and Nancy to ‘reboot’!

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