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Muslim or Mormon?


February 1, 2012
I love both who are open minded, while tolerating the rest with their programming. It’s necessary at this ‘pre historic time to the evolved human who can think and feel on his own accord’, to have religions. Religion’s doctrines serve the ‘fast food’ need for belief of billions. These billions don’t take the time to question, but instead ‘believe’ what men have anointed to be the ‘absolute word’ going all the way back before reading skills were known to but a handful of scholars. Now that more and more can read, and we have printing presses in full operation the last century or so, scholarly men all over the world go to ‘religion learning institutions’ to learn how to ‘sell’ the ancient religion scholars thoughts.

It’s a bit ironic at this moment in time that we in the US have an ex Muslim as President who will be facing off this 2012 year in an election with a Mormon. It could be a good thing that all religions are coming to the surface to lead our nation. Perhaps a Scientologist or a Rastafarian presidential hopeful will happen shortly. Goodness gracious – we could even have just a ‘spiritual type’ president with no allegiance to a savior or prophet.

To mention a few differences and similarities – both religions, whether it be, Mormon or Muslim, have some kind of fondness for Jesus unlike most Jews who wisely regard him collectively as an archetype, at best. Both marry mostly within their flock with strict rules on what’s ‘ok behavior’ toward the wife, and what’s not. It seems the Muslims might be more rigid. Both founders of these two religions had many wives. Muhammed was thought to have had 11. Joseph Smith who was killed by a mob at 39 in the 1800’s is said to have had 27. Brigham Young, who took over for Smith, was said to have had 56!

The similarities and differences would take a book to account for, however there is a unique source of their roots. Both are actually ‘knockoffs’ of the new Christian and old Jewish testaments with modifications to make them unique. Both claim to be the only way. Both revere a man (Jesus) who allegedly was celibate, and yet they were, by today’s thought, highly promiscuous. Both are highly possessive of the individuals of their ‘flock’. Both discourage critical thinking outside of their doctrine, instead encouraging ‘blind belief’ while calling that ‘faith’.

We don’t need to love their faiths, their collective so called consciousness, or the individuals except as we love all creatures of godliness in terms of respect for their lives. In these early times of modern humans, we each need to be patient, for those who are incarcerated in belief systems, with love in our open hearts. No man or woman is an island, nor is any religion, but each possesses the opportunity to step outside the ‘box’ being open to a new way to love and assist the growth of world consciousness as well as their own. We all were blessed with a brain and heart to both think and feel beyond what anyone else has ever said. Could be time to check out of others dictums, and into our own blessings!

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