Donald Duck – Real?

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Donald Duck – Real?


January 29, 2012
Perception sells! As an ex corporate sales executive, clearly some sales were made not on reality, but what the buyer imagined or perceived. Just because someone sees the moon as a flat, round object in the sky, doesn’t satisfy validation. This is a world filled with all possible choices of seeing things whether they are verifiable or not. People have the freedom to see things from their level of perception. Unfortunately, we have to deal with some perceptions by many that are, well, Disneyland viewpoints. People ‘sell’ perceptions whether they know them to be true or not. Some of those ‘sellers’ do it for compensation – visit the gambling capitol of the world, Las Vegas! Now there are thousands of ‘Las Vegas type’ establishments all over the country, not to mention Disneyland’s opening up around the world.

Reality is often better, and yet stranger than fiction. Fiction becomes like a drug to avoid experiencing reality. ‘Lazy’ is perhaps the number one ‘non quality’ anywhere, and leading to ignorance as well as money in someone else’s pocket to take advantage of a ‘perception’ that meets no good standards of validating. Fantasy is cheap in the short run, and expensive on many levels in the long term. Currently, there is a ‘global run on beliefs’ that are like passing clouds in the sky.

Some of these beliefs or perceptions have been global since the dark ages. It still is only a small percentage of people who see beyond the dark ages into the dawning of a new age of verifiable knowledge and ‘knowing’. The current ‘perception game or reality’ is concerning our current President Obama. Was he born here or in Kenya? Is he a CIA trained operative? Why all the questions, especially with media blocked or discounted answers? Selling perception can be like playing God when millions are duped, and consequently led into an ignorant state of manipulation for power, control, and money.

In the early morning, I do my 1 1/2 hour meditation walk. The meditation part is my perception. The walking part is a known factor as is what, where, how, and with whom am I walking. No need to verify or prove. What is known need not be questioned, as do perceptions to check for ‘false information’, judgments, imagination, and all types of references to being perception. Perception types often don’t like to see the truth, and get stuck on ‘dreaming fantasies’. Sometimes, in fact often, the stakes of mistaken view are either harmful or deadly. Even love is a ‘perception’, but a quality which can be a known when one isn’t attached to fantasies that circumvent reality. Know who the real you is, is to start seeing and knowing verifiably. Hear the sound of ‘Quack’! (Quack information is just that).

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