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Marriage – Spiritual School

January 28, 2012
Marriage is for the ‘lunk heads’ to keep them off of the streets, electable in politics, or as a learning school! Love needs no license! Most who issue ‘marriage licenses’ also issue ‘dog licenses’. Both depend on what, and how much you are willing to release from your pocket, or purse. Marriage is typically a functional decision to please someone other than yourself, and often who you are marrying, parents, insecurities, children, green card for citizenship, fantasies, revenge, or on and on. What is never acknowledged as a prime purpose of ‘coupling’, which can be accomplished without the license, is the spiritual-conscious journey it provides.

Coupling is a wonderful opportunity to learn about yourself, and how you are received by another while at the same time having the chance to give to their happiness. Coupling is the ‘love path’ on a spiritual journey as against the ‘meditation path of the alone’. Both meet at the same point of enlightened self awareness only with quite different experiences as well as different qualities. Currently, in the modern world where people have chances to experiment, and grow like never before, the ‘love path’ is perhaps more conducive to growth.

Marriage for most is a holding pattern for those who seek other than the spiritual-consciousness path. Ironically, those who are least prepared for coupling or marriage are those least likely to use it as a ‘jumping off’ to higher consciousness and experiences. Codependency is common among average married couples based on economics and emotional needs with personal growth invisible in the minds of one or both. Fear of what’s ‘outside of the strained comforts of marriage’ is usually a motivation to have little motivation to change.

Harmonious communication on all levels is a key to the spiritual rising of a joyful and blissful arrangement. All too often, couples come from families that are ‘fractured’ in any number of ways, and has likely been passed on far further back than one can trace, going back possibly to the early beginnings of human kind. It’s an endless serial family malfunctioning with no seeming end. Proper coupling with love and positive communication is a doorway out into a new conscious humanity. One light of love, will ignite another, and hopefully goes viral, particularly in these times of unequaled freedoms and knowledge. Deep love is meditation on a ‘love path’ to the heights of ecstasy and inner blisses. Take the Love or Meditation path for an inner Space Trip!

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