Snow Job Love

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Snow Job Love


January 22, 2010
…The ‘hand job’ of love that comes, and goes with the change of weather! The ‘Spring of love’ is nature’s blessings for many seasons of eternal love, but sometimes ‘winter’ slips in with it’s cold snows, and love sometimes is left under the snow. When the snow melts, love is not always still there. Early love, like early Spring, takes nurturing the best situation to grow into something that changes the way you think and love for the rest of your life. The soil, or biological chemistry is necessary, but that will only sustain love’s growth for a short while when other elements need to enlighten the experience.

Love is often used as an appreciation of your being from another, but is a passing gesture also, not to be attached to as having any eternal meaning. On the other hand, ‘I love you’s’ from another might have a very eternal meaning that through life’s trials, and tribulations remains on a deep untouchable soul level. Love has many colors from ‘fickle’ to enduring and consciousness elevating. Love is the sunshine that never needs to go away. The feeling of love at it’s height, is a heartbeat that follows you everywhere, and through every circumstance.

Few love themselves, and when given the rush of ‘Springs love’ opening an untouched part of their heart, really feel it’s unbreakable. Those who harbor unresolved issues of hurt and fears, can only give for the moment as long as things are within ‘an expectation’. When that ‘bubble of expectation’ is popped or challenged, the ‘indian giver’ trait of wanting to ‘take back’ the love given comes out of the shadows of ‘conditional love’ that turns to something never dreamed of before. Most love between those that commit, with no intent of being otherwise, cannot be counted on more than the snow on a warming day to remain.

‘Snow jobbing’ yourself on your self love sometimes, while not being filled with love, is a real challenge to dig yourself out of.  ‘Luke warm’ results in a love that needs a telescope at times to find. ‘Luke warm’ is sleeping love that jumps out of sleep every once in a while,  if even at a movie. How your love of another is in quality totally depends of your self love. Total self love take your consciousness, and it’s infinite qualities, like compassion to a divine everlasting level always open to giving, and receiving more. Real love never dies. Arhata


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