Righteous Ego’s

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Righteous Ego’s


January 20, 2012
You’re amazing just the way you are! However … ‘righteous’ is a word which has overtones in today’s vernacular of an ‘insecure, fragile, ego’ that covers what’s under it like the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Some always have to be right, while every one else is wrong. The ‘ego’ wants to win at others expense. How to make enemies, and lose friends should have been Dale Carnegie’s sequel to ‘How to Win Friends & Influence people. Too often the ‘right way’ ends up being ‘the wrong ways’. Be an individual, and speak for yourself, and the highest truth you can reach for apart from what ideologies or religions parrot.’

You are weak when accepting without critical thought. The best way is out there, apart from you being ‘right’ and others ‘wrong, so no need to flaunt your thoughts for a personal victory. There is a gridlock of  ‘pseudo truth’ out there, but ‘truth’ according to the ‘dictators of the right way and your wrong way’! Look through the gridlock, and see the light, no need to force what amounts to your tyrannical this is the way, the only way, in God’s name (or to Hell with you when you die!).

Never feel righteous as well as pretend to be right. Getting ‘hooked’ into that idea is to give up your freedom to think, and feel all by yourself, regardless of what ‘mass programming machines’ want you to kowtow to. These mass programming machines are the pinnacles of ‘righteousness’, be they a religion or a corporate entity that sells a pill. They are there to serve their own interests, and to put you into a lullaby sleep trance where you will follow what’s said as ‘the way’. The big monster machines have babies who mimic, and accept their sales pitch without critical thinking. Soon you are gobbled up in the mind to become a ‘robot for a godlike idea that’s as false as a mirage in a parched journey in a desert. You become a ‘baby monster machine’!!

Be nobody, and ordinary with compassion, lovingness, intelligence, and discernment. See others with no judgment. Never start feeling righteous, and a sense of holiness. Why decide where someone else is right or wrong. If they are wrong, they will suffer, and if they are right they will be blessed. Don’t set yourself up as the arbitrator, like the illusion of a false definition of God which has gone ‘viral’ on earth. Walk the path of ‘you’, in your best suit of information and feeling that serves you, and hurts no one else if not blesses them. You are a manifestation of godly energy that can light the way for yourself, and perhaps for others to go their own way, whatever that may be. There is no right and wrong way, but ‘your way’ in the light of your heart, and minds discernment. Be an action for movement to the light with love.

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