Sanityzing You!

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Sanitizing You!


January 18, 2012
I have a special friend who does some unique cleaning – of herself! She doesn’t stop at baths, or the washing of hands, but pays attention to some things that, well you’d not likely think of yourself! When was the last time you cleaned your internal house? What you eat, think, feel, say, wish for, act upon, or harbor inside determines who you are, and for others to see. Like most people, you clean the refrigerator, toilet, garage, car, house or apartment at least once, twice or more a year. My friend refers to it as ‘spiritual cleansing’. In that, everything has a spiritual tone to it, I agree.

My dear spiritual friend takes internal cleaning to ways I haven’t thought of doing! Certainly she focuses also on her heart, mind, and being, but goes deeper for internal health cleansing. She believes ‘coffee enemas’ contribute to her health! I need to ask her if ‘expresso coffee’ makes a difference? Also, she believes, as many claim, that drinking your own urine has health benefits. Not my thing, at least now! One of the characteristics of being more ‘spiritual’ is of course, to be more open to new, healthier ideas. Following ‘boiler plate’, parroted religion instruction is to take a ‘back road’ to consciousness, or to a ‘road of illusion’.

To be consciously ‘holistic’ in all parts of life for yourself, and toward others is the new ‘holy way’. Take the road of opening the heart and mind to a more, discerning path in life, and likewise encourage others in a ‘non proselytizing’ way. Be an activist for finding out who you are first. Sanitizing and cleaning up attitudes or beliefs, that are not really yours, is a good beginning to rise like a hot air balloon to uplifting insights of love and life. Put the ego aside, and feel a deep gratitude of being given an opportunity to fully live and love.

Love this earth, and its beauties from the smallest dewdrop, to the illimitable stars in the sky. Make love all inclusive for the whole of existence. Look for the wonderments of life’s positives. Let a sense of gratitude arise! In that feeling of gratitude, a warm feeling of joy and bliss will arise. Hanging on to the ‘ego’ creates a path to miseries. You are not your ego, or your false self. Clear, and open the mind and heart, while letting go of all that binds, and shackles you to the ‘old human’, and it’s persistent reoccurring, unnecessary pains and fears. In as much as you are body with all its entitlements, remember you are first a spirit of loving consciousness.

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