Bubble of Love

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Bubble of Love


anuary 6, 2012
People love each other from different energy intensities. Does anyone ever ask the other what their intensity is on a 1 to 10 scale, or is it safer not to ask, particularly thinking the question might be asked of you! Likely both wouldn’t rate love of themselves as a ’10’, and be able to reasonably prove it. Love appears illogical, but is actually ‘very logical’ and can be measured with near accuracy by accounting for one’s past experiences.

We, in the US, think we have a way of measuring a students aptitude for achievement in college, using a standardized test call the SAT, which is now recognized as an empty acronym, and more and more controversial as to it’s reliability. These SAT results can have control of millions of lives even though the results are highly questionable, and leave out, in testing, many other factors such as ‘emotional stability’, self awareness, happiness, personal evolvement, love capacity, etc. The SAT is about as reliable in determining practical aspects of a persons future life as does how much milk one drinks – in other words – nothing. Follow the money in the educational systems (factories), and for the corporations that hire on the basis of their outcome, as well as who profits for millions of them administered.

Love, on the other hand, is much easier to measure than a persons mental aptitude which has little to do with life’s most important value, namely love. In measuring a persons current love ability, it all depends on asking the best questions, and allowing the other to answer using a ‘logical numbering system’ to represent quality self analysis. If one knows how to ask the right questions, as well as check for accuracy, the answers will be near accurate for where one is presently in terms of ‘love capability’.

Love is like a ‘bubble’ in that sometimes even the smallest action can burst what others saw as a ‘relationship made in heaven’. ‘Bubble love’ means ‘conditional love’, and that is where one has to ‘walk carefully’ avoiding either many inner thoughts, actions, or feelings, to protect the ‘bubble’. Love that’s never a bubble comes from unconditionally loving oneself as you are inside. Love is stronger than death. If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got! Why live life avoiding all the air available to breath? Love is in the air, in fact air is love!

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